February 1, 2012

Occupy Update : February 1, 2012 :


The dust hasn't settled yet on Occupy Oakland, either in terms of who did what at City Hall or the way forward. Claims and reactions to alleged Police Brutality have marred the mostly non-violent movement. Huffpost has analysis.

The Washington Post has an interview with twice-arrested comics journalist Susie Cagle who has been with Occupy Oakland for some time. She offers her take on her own experience there and how the establishment media are getting it wrong.

Meanwhile SF prosecutors have procured stay away orders for 12 protesters claimed to be involved in police clashses. Sfgate.com

In DC, Occupy protesters defied the no camping ban and spent the night under their self-built “Tent of Dreams.” A Tuesday ruling indicated the protesters cannot be evicted by park rangers without a notice and can have tents but no tenting. The rich and poor alike are forbidden from sleeping under a bridge – St. Exupery Washington Post

Further South in Miami, the party has already been broken up. Police moved in last night to disrupt and evict Occupy Miami, the latest in a long run of closings.

Many Occupy Camps receive various forms of donations from the general public, in the form of food and clothing and other items. Occupy Erie makes the news with their claim that local police there have confiscated these donated items, leaving the protesters literally out in the cold. Goerie.com

Finally, Mitt may have won Florida, but he and the other candidates in the Repub run off have dealt with Florida occupiers and demonstrators all along the way. MTV has a report and raw video has been uploaded above. Time Swampland also has coverage of the Florida encounter between the 99 and the 1% who backed Romney last night.