Occupy Update February 6, 2012 :

Occupy DC protesters continued their standoff by lashing out at polcie trying to clear Macpherson Square in DC. Hard to say what's happening on the outside looking in, but it doesn't appear all that productive. Cops moved in on a second Occupy encampment, this one at Freedom Plaza, but reported a “different dynamic” that involved “more self-policing.” Washington Post

Amidst the fracas, Chris Hedges takes on what he terms the Cancer of Occupy, the so called Black Bloc. Truthdig.com

Occupy Oakland, no stranger to police confrontations, is planning an anti-police day of action today. Sacramento Bee

Occupy Maine also had to go. Ditto Occupy Pittsburgh. Lebanon Daily News

Global Occupy movementts are all searching for new ways to exist and pursue goals in the post-encampment world. With this in mind, Occupy NL (Newfoundland), has decided to incorporate. Telegram.com has details.

Perhaps in a preview of things to come, Occupy is now an object of study at a Local Chicago college. 32 students are enrolled in the “Occupy Everywhere” course.

Occupy Carrboro in NC is joining the fray by taking over vacant buildings...Eyewitness9 News