February 7, 2012 : We're Sticking Up for You - Occupy Crashes Tax Session


Occupy Wall Street came to Northhampton, MA and participated in a rally for the 99 percent that brought several parties together in the city's Pulaski Park. Local and national concerns were vented by the protesters. Dailycollegian.com

Elsewhere in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe has coverage of Somerville, MA, where Occupy is said to have gone grassroots. Boston.com

Statesman.com : Occupy Austin says yesterday's eviction has, paradoxically, reinvigorated the group and thanked the community for its ongonig support. Occupy Pittsburgh recevied walking papers and the protesters there seemed to split along the same lines as elsewhere; some will stay and “ resist” forcible removal while the majority will regroup. Post-gazette.com

We are sticking up for you and you don't get it,' says demonstrator after Occupy Albany occupied the New York State budget tax planning session to protest corporate greed and tax breaks to the 1%. Extensive video clips of the protesters press conference after the interruption. Timesunion.com

Occupy Oakland gets “blowback.” After last week's festivities, City Councilors are expected to vote on a resolution that would direct the city administrator, mayor and police to crack down on protesters blocking streets and holding rallies without a permit. Sfgate.com

Occupy Oakland's Move-in Assembly issued a staement regarding last week's attempt to to reclaim the unused Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. They claim a concerted effort on behalf of the city to discredit them. East Bay Indy Media

As UWS Digital News has reported, Occupy seems to be at a juncture where each community is deciding how to continue their movement, often turning to local concerns and adopting new strategies. Rhode Island is one area where Occupy appears to have achieved tangible victories, including a day care center for the homeless. Occupy RI Campuses now appears to extend the group's success to higher education. Boston.com

On the subject of higher education, Occupy New Haven is saying their encampment were raided by Yalies, after seeing some of their stolen signs show up on the President of the Yale College Republicans Facebook page. Yale Daily News - UWS will follow this story.

Finally, Occupy Des Moines activists successfully posted about 600 flyers on products allegedly made by the American Legislative Exchange Council, who the protesters say advocate for the 1%. The Desmoines Register reported no run-ins with security and conversed with the store's patrons, who inquired about the action.