February 8, 2012 : Occupy Foreclosure Meets With Wells Fargo

Don't fool yourself into believing Occupiers aren't having an impact. Latest vid from insideoutnews.org describes a meeting that took place last night between Wells Fargo and Occupy Foreclosure. An activist who was present nails the issue exactly in ascribing significance to the fact the bankers felt they had to meet.

The Oakland City Council, amid a rowdy crowd of protesters, narrowly backed off a resolution Tuesday that would have beefed up law enforcement at Occupy protests. Sfgate.com

A growing focus of Occupy is protests against police brutality. One such march took place Monday night in Portland. By the end of the March ten protesters were arrested. According to local fliers, the march was “in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and against corruption." KATU.com

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The Houston Chronicle at chron.com has a nice round-up of the latest round of Occupy encmapment shut downs, along with the next steps these groups are planning. See : Occupy Maine, Occupy Pittsburgh. Occupy Nasheville is next on the chopping block. Tennessean.com

Occupy continues on college campuses : Occupy Columbia, in contrast to their President's exclusive event, held a "fireside chat" over hot chocolate on 116th and Morningside Dr. About 20 discussed issues ranging from students’ financial problems, to Columbia’s relationship with the community, to the University’s Manhattanville expansion. ColumbiaSpectator.com

With Occupy DC feeling the heat in Macpherson Square, both labor unions and protesters will unite this weekend to protest the upcoming CPAC meeting. WashingtonExaminer.com

A new report suggests that the Phoenix police department may have overstated the costs of their cities occupation. Cost is frequently cited by those opposed to impromptu public displays of civil disobedience. Wonder what the final accountings will show nation-wide. Sfgate.com

Mike Moore made Flint famous – or at least put it back in the public eye after the automakers deserted it. Occupy Flint makes the round-up today with their plan to attend Emergency management sessions held by manager Michael Brown. Emergency management comes in to cities in financially dire sitautions to primarily tackle budget cuts and reductions in services, above the demoncratically elected governments. Occupy Flint says it will attend each of the meetings. Mlive.com