February 14, 2012 : Santorum Meets Occupy Tacoma

GOP Flavor of the week Santorum attempted to rally supporters next to an occupy base camp in Tacoma, dealing with non-stop chants of “We are the 99%” The newly-energized Santorumites responded with the ever-used “get a job” riposte. Msnbc.com

Dealing with the protesters, Santorum tried to take the high road, saying he understood their frustrations and blaming the travails of the 99% on Obama. However, he went on to label Occupy as “intolerant” and as a “radical element.”

Santorum has developed a rep for employing some logical twisties. He backed up the occupy intolerant jab by pointing to their support of the overturn of the California same sex marriage ban, at a time when the writing appears to be on the wall for such bans nation-wide. In short, the Rickster claims that by protesting his right to be intolerant, the protesters show their intolerance. Cbsnews.com

OWS women nailed by pepper spray from NYPD Cop Anthony Bologna are suing New York City for improperly training its officers to deal with public protests. Tony Baloney's actions were captured and distributed world-wide and helped shine early media attention on the movement thanks to the viral video. Huffpost

Occupy Philadelphia has lent its support to nudging Comcast to broadcast the English version of Al Jazeera news. The Arab news organization was criticized by the Us Government during the Iraq War, but has received generally favorable reviews for its on the whole balanced coverage. The networks broadcast are available currently in 5 US Markets. Philly.com

Former Philly Police Captain Ray Lewis joined the demonstration, in uniform, which continues to chafe his former buds in the Fraternal Order of Police. Washington Post

Harvard students have been known on occasion to use the school's libraries for activities other than studying. Today's Crimson reports that some from Occupy Harvard have been sleeping in the Lamont Library in solidarity with library staff, who just received notices of “early retirement.” In response, the administration distributed flyers warning the protesters they could lose their library privileges if they maintained the impromptu “bed in.”

Finally, Occupiers in Buffalo have chosen to take on the IDA (Industrial Development Agency) but at least one commentator found their presence at a recent IDA meeting a bit weird and disjointed. Perhaps kindergarten tactics are a bigger threats to occupy than the so called black bloc. Buffalo Business First