February 15, 2012 : Occupy Continues Shift Amidst Legal Beatback


Today's update covers the Occupiers who continue to shift and change tactics, including Occupy LA who stood up for a Vet facing foreclosure over his delayed military paycheck.All part of the Occupy Valentine's Break Up With Your Bank Day NBClosangeles.com

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Truthout.org provides coverage of the journey of two OWS activists who traveled to Brazil to meet with like-minded “occupiers” from other countries. The groups are focusing on a large conference in Rio scheduled to take place in June, "Rio +20" which will “mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), in Rio de Janeiro" and "secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development," in the "green economy."

Speaking of truthout, yesterday's push carried an interesting article/review by former GOP staffer Mike Lofgren, who has left the tent and gone viral with his observations on his former Repub cohorts. Lofgren analyzes recent work done to explain the rise of certain tendencies within the party and its supporters.

Decampments : Occupy Nashville have begun to pack it in, according to the Tennessean

In Newark, authorities swept in shortly after midnight Wednesday and ended what appeared to be a relatively harmonious co-existence between the city of Newark and its occupiers. NY Times

Occupy Boise is also said to be closing in on eviction BoiseStatePublicRadio.org

Salon.com has an extensive analysis of the legal tactics being used to beat back the Occupy movement.

A day after Occupy Philly joins a Concast demonstration, Occupy Atlanta follows suit with a demonstration against layoffs at AT&T. The group is protesting the phone company’s planned layoffs of 740 employees who work with landlines. 12 demonstrators were arrested. Wsbtv.com

Elsewhere, Time (Swampland) lauds the change in tactics effected by Occupy the SEC, who have submitted a 325 response to the so-called “Volker Rule” proposal which would attempt to place limits on banks ability to take your money and do whatever they like with it. The repsonse was submitted as part of the Regulatory Open Comment period for the proposed legislation.

Finally, Nate Kleinman may be the first occupier to run for elected office, as he does so in his primary bid to upend Democratic U.S. Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz. True to form, Occupy Philly declined to endorse Kleinman who says he wouldn't have it any other way. Philly.com