February 17, 2012 : Occupy Hits Fashion Week, Opens PAC


San Jose Mercury News Occupy Oakland has its own place in the lexicon of Occupys. Today charges move forward against two activists accused of brutalizing the police. Fair to say, Oakland has seen more violence than any other Occupy, graphic journalist Susan Caigle presents her own graphical narrative of Occupy Oakland in today's truthout

A Decatur, GA resident has applied for an Occupy Wall Street PAC, according to CBSnews.com. While the applicant claims to be one of the 99%, and inspired by Colbert's PAC , which is recently said to have raised $1M in contributions.

It's not clear who else OWS backs the PAC. Cbsnews.com

To get protesters out of their squares, state legislators attmept to pass no camping resolutions to gain eviction notices. Occupy Nashville awaits the word in Tennessee, amidst delays at the state level. Tennessean.com

Occupy Claremont plans to end their occupation with a party. San Bernadino Sun

After jousting with Santorum, it looks like the lights have gone out on Occupy Tacoma, literally. Bellingham Herald

The challenge for the 99 percent seems to be how and what to do after the authorities evict them from the town quare. A variety of paths are taken around the country :

Occupy Olympia is holding a “national teach-in” this weekend - with hopes of drawing national activists from Occupy Wall Street in New York and other cities across the country. Thenewstribune.com

Also this weekend, members of Occupy Delaware will take part in a rally in Newark before a big event Saturday in Wilmington in cooperation with Occupy Philadelphia. Newsworks.org

Gawker and others say that Fashion Week is going to be visited tomorrow by OWS who certainly have their own sense of fashion. Occupy Wall Street plans to arrive at the Calvin Klein show at West 39th St. tomorrow at 2pm, after a long march from lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park.

The Harvard students occupying Lamont Library in solidarity with soon to be reduced staff there held a “think tank” in which they planned next steps. Harvard Crimson

Occupy New Paltz claim the Mayor who initially supported them is harassing them and are attempting to set up camp. The Mayor called them childish and said they “don't represent the Occupy Movement.recordonline.com

Huffpost Lisa Haisha talks about why she both “loves and hates” the Occupy Movement right now.

Finally, offering his own assesment, former President Jimmy Carter terms the Occupy movement “relatively successful.” Patch.com