February 20, 2012 : Occupy Declares Day in Support of Prisoners


Monday, February 20 has been dubbed “National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners.” OWS organizers such as Jay Chiu, state that the “prison industrial complex” is a key component in keeping the 99% down. Huffpost

Occupy Delaware's weekend rally was attended by 100 supporters and featured special guest former Army officer and Iraq War Veteran Lt. Dan Choi. Choi, whose coming out helped end Don't Ask Don't Tell, read a poem about tents to the Occupiers. Tent symbolism was a recurring theme, Occupy Philly donated a tent to Occupy Delaware who reciprocated with donations of laptops to the Philadelphians. Retired Philly Police Capt. Ray Lewis also spoke, presumably in uniform.delmarvanow.com

Continuing the trend of Occupy doing different things in each community where they're active, Occupy Maine is set to debut the pilot version of their new 30 min tv show on Maine's community television. Wgme.com

Time goes into a little more depth on Occupy SEC, analyzing the group's response to the Volcker Rule which was recently submitted during the public portion of the debate on that prospective legislation in the form of a 325 page letter.

However, OWS in New York today takes it on the chin from the NY Post who feature photos of the group's allegedly “trashed” Occupied dwelling in Brooklyn that they once intended to fix up.

The photos will be sure to make the rounds at Fox and the blogasphere.

Decampments : different proposals abound, but it looks like the Occupiers on New Haven's green may be the next to go according to the Yale Daily News

The Daily Iowan says Occupy Iowa City, now reduced to 2 mainstays, may share a similar fate. Local organizer Tibbs says the encampment, like many, has fed and offered support to the city's homeless population. One of Occupy's ironies is that though under constant siege themselves, they continue to Occupy to all comers, including the homeless. According to the Iowan the movement should not stop the service it provides the community. It gives many of the homeless a place to live and safely sleep.”

Same deal for Occupy Boise, where mutliple outlets including newsradio1310.com , report that last night may have been the group's last as it too gets the boot. Occupy Asheville also has come to an end. Wspa.com

A more robust Occupation seems to be taking place at a previously closed/abandoned steel plant in Northeast France where some 200 workers are occupying an idled ArcelorMittal steel plant, in an attempt to call attention to the plant's shut down. Economic Times of India

Analyzing the Cancer of Occupy : Longtime Berkeley activist Joseph Anderson weighs in on the ongoing debate around Occupy Oakland on the issue of diversity of tactics and the use of BlackBloc style tactics. He weighs in on the recent debate between Chris Hedges and Occupy Oakland organizer Kristof Lopaur  Davey D's Hip Hop Corner (The Blog)

Boomers take note : the Boss is at it again, mixing slogans and imagery to confound and inspire, claiming the “angry patriotism” of Occupy was the key inspiration behind his new album Wrecking Ball. The album's most well known track, We Take Care of Our Own, echoes the US Marine Corps founding principles. The giant hit Born in the USA became for some the theme song for then President Reagan's 1984 Re-Election campaign,