February 27, 2012 : Occupy Actions Heat Up Around Banks, Leaks Show Wall Street Concerns




Occupy Update February 27, 2012

Occupy Louisville is in the news after they posted an eviction notice on the doors of Chase Bank due to the banks “financial negligence and the ruin of the community.” The protesters demanded the bank must vacate their offices and “any properties under their control.” While they claim police brutality, and it's hard to tell what's going on, the whole scene appears a bit antagonistic. One of the protesters admits their actions were “a little less than perfectly peaceful.” Raw footage below :

The Louisville action was part of their “day of action to stop Chase foreclosures” as Occupy pivots to focus on foreclosures, and the human stories and the banks behind them. In the same vein, Occupy San Francisco staged a “flash mob” outside the Russian Hill home of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, according to both the occupy site and the San Francisco Business Times, which features a slide show of the demonstration. The occupiers cite the fact that Wells Fargo is evicting citizens in spite of turning a nearly $16B profit and receiving $43.7 billion in bail-out money. Occupysf.org

A single arrest at Occupy Sarasota also is generating attention. The arrest, which allegedly took place over a chalk drawing, is being investigated by the American civil liberties union. Sarasota Patch

Like many, Occupy Claremont is planning their next actions after their tents came down. The group met by the dozens outside of city hall this weekend. "This party is not to say goodbye, but to provide solidarity to continue the occupation which will be here every day, without the tents," said Charles Bayer, 81, of Claremont, who helped organize the Occupy Claremont movement. San Bernadino Sun

Oakland continues to try to make sense of the events surrounding its occupation. Reporters Daniel Willis and Thomas Peele of Bay Area News Group have written a series of articles that attempt to document and analyze the complexities of the occupation and the city's response. Today the reporters publish a series of email communications between city officials. According to the scribes “we need to be ever diligent against getting snowed by officials and falling into the role of stenographers rather than independent reporters. All of us, me included, can find ourselves regretful when we learn that the bureaucratic rhetoric we reported turns out to be far from reality.” San Jose Mercury News

Yes Men and Occupy Wall Street hit the wire while America tried to stay up through the Oscars. (ny times) It seems the group and Occupy are partly the focus of the nearly 5 million corporate emails leaked by Wikileaks and derived from hacked servers at Stratfor, the company that calls itself a “global intelligence firm.” wikileaks release

In addition to suggesting quasi-legal dealings with financial giant Goldman Sachs, and numerous connections with US intelligence and defense agencies, the data dump is remarkable for its concern about the broad and expansive critique of the economic system offered by Occupy and other activists.

The ripped emails were provided by activist spooks Anonymous who keep making news. Today's NY Times has an article on how the group's attack on the Vatican's servers served as its first big action. NY Times