February 28 :London Cleared, Dust Settles in Louisville; ALEC Protest is Tomorrow


The Occupy London encampment was finally raided last night, Guardian UK asks the inevitable “what (where) next” question, topical on both sides of the Atlantic. Raw footage of the eviction :

Occupy Oakland: reports say a fracas broke out at a rally protesting “black on white violence in South Africa,” with bottles and other objects being thrown by a group allegedly representing Occupy Oakland. The Occupiers termed the South Africa march “racist” and affiliated with former klansman and renegade Presidential candidate David Duke. Usatoday.com , no statement yet from the Occupy Oakland hashtag.

Word today that ice cream entreprenuers Ben and Jerry, Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg, and other well-heeled supporters plan to subsidize Occupy Wall Street in the hopes of helping the movement through the current transition stage. They call themselves the “Movement Resource Group,” sure to go over big with Fox News. Wall Street Journal

On the heels of Anon-hacked Stratfor emails expressing concern over the OWS “broad critique” and “expansive actions” of protest groups like the Yes Men comes this tidbit from the Washington Post which provides facts and figures on Americans citing Occupy as the reason they have recently moved funds out of Bank of America to local credit unions. Washington Post

Occupy Nashville is about to be history as the approved bill to evict them lands on the Governor's desk. Dnj.com

Swim all you like, but don't go in the water : a fed judge ruled that Occupy Boise's tents can stay, so long as they don't sleep in them. Ktvb.com/AP Still Occupy Boise hailed it as a “partial victory and one step.”

Occupy nation-wide continues to support labor on issues of note : OWS plans to crash the Whitney Biennial tomorrow to support locked out Sotheby workers. Artinfo.com says it's part of “shining a spotlight on the corporate patronage that underlies [the major art event].”

Tomorrow, Feb 29, Occupy Tuscon is calling for citizens to join the Occupy coordinated, world-wide demonstration to “protest corporate control” as well as attacks on workers rights and immigrants in Arizona. Tuscon singles out Santorum, Mitt, and the Newt and ALEC (American Legislature Exchange Council) for “attacking women, immigrants, gays and Lesbians, unions, teachers, college students, the poor, reproductive health, public education, healthcare.” Tuscon Citizen

Occupy Portland and others in cities nation-wide plan to get in on the act. Bizjournals.com

Finally, the plot thickens with Occupy Louisville, who police are saying were looking to cause trouble during their attempted “eviction” at Chase Bank. Cops say the response was appropriate and say they have otherwise had a cordial relationship with protesters. The ascribe Saturday's disturbance to “outside elements.” Parties on both sides sound committed to getting it right next time. UWS Digital News' inquiry to Occupy Louisville seeking comment went unanswered.