March 2 : Tea Party - Occupy Forum, More Specifics from Occupy SEC and Working Groups


Fort Wayne TV station Focus 15 held a ground-breaking conversation and forum that included both Occupy and the Tea Party. While the forum was billed as “occupy vs. tea party” by the end of the discussion the groups appeared to find much common ground. Video clips below from , listen to them without watching and see if you can tell which group is speaking :


Out West : Occupy drew what were described as “modest but passionate crowds” to state campuses UC and Cal State to protest cuts to education and rising tuition costs. Classes at UC Santa Cruz were canceled as about 200 demonstrators blocked vehicle access to the campus. A motorist attempting to drive through the crowd struck several protesters, but no one was seriously injured, officials said. Los Angeles Times

Nation-wide, Wednesday's Occupy demonstrations against runaway corporate power met with varied response. Teach-ins were led by the likes of Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone, who gave a primer on sub-primes comparing BofA's peddling mortgage-backed securities to “selling oregano as weed” summarizes the day's events.

In New York City, OWS offshoot Occupy Education strolled across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest to similar education cuts. The protesters were made up of students and educators from CUNY, NYU, and Columbia. About 300 gathered in front of the Department of Education on Chambers St. The rally ended in front of Brooklyn Tech High School, where the city’s Panel on Education Policy was holding a public meeting.

Meanwhile, the OWS Alternative Banking Group suggests ways to redo the nation's consumer credit system. Business Insider presents the point by point document, which goes heavy into the “specifics” the movement is frequently chastised for not having.

Speaking of “specifics,” reporter Susan Antilla of Businessweek attended OWS Occupy SEC to check in on the group contributing during the “public comment period” for the Volcker rule. She found that they defy OWS stereotypes perpetuated in the media and provides details on the group's meeting held in the public atrium at 60 Wall Street, the U.S. headquarters of Deutsche Bank AG.

Even as well-heeled donors like hip hop hepcat Russell Simmons and Ben Cohen try to fund Occupy Wall Street, OWS is split on the funds, insisting on preserving their independence and resisting “outside influence.”

Occupy showed up in DHS documents analyzing the group's impact on homeland security. While the document credits the movement's peaceful nature for keeping violent incidents low, critics say it emphasizes financial sector security over first amendment rights.

The artist behind the 99% Bat Signal, deemed one of the most important works of 2011, is back with a project code named the “Illuminator.” Details at

Lastly, the New York Times reviews the new documentary, “Heist: Who Stole the American Dream” written by 14 year CNN veteran Francis Causey and documentarian Donald Goldmacher.