March 6, 2012 : 99 Percent Illuminator Brings Library Back to Zucotti, AIPAC Presence, Cleveland, Cali Arrests

UWS Digital News
recently reported on the Illuminator, the mobile guerrilla art supporting the 99 percent. This week, it stopped in Zucotti Park, and unveiled the return of the people's library.


Occupy AIPAC disrupts the Obama-Netanyahu attended conference amidst the blustery winds of war. Mixed coverage of the event as downplays the 200 protesters and chats with a lone “counter-protester” who termed the protests anti-semitic. Also cites various group tie-ins as anti-Israel. The anti-semitic charge was lobbed at occupy before when they spoke about banker control of the economy. It's an allegation frequently used against opponents of US Military Aid to Israel.

Crowd control the theme of the day as Prez moves the G-8 Summit to Camp David in response to concerns and the history of vigorous protest vs. head financial honchos. The announcement created the occupycampdavid hashtag, though all agree it will be much harder to protest at Camp David

Occupy Oklahoma turned out to confront Santorum supporters, the two groups shouting back and forth. Video here :

Dozens of Occupy Education protesters were arrested in California. The groups occupied the state house rotunda to protest simultaneously rising tuition costs and cuts to higher education. Gov Brown says the protest underscored citizens' frustrations with declining schools and the need to take in

tax revenues Huffpost

Occupy Oakland and its adherents remain in the legal spotlight...this time a female “counterprotester” alleges purse-snatching and an anti-gay slur by three occupy defendants. The Occupiers legal representation claims the incident turned ugly only when the woman herself used a racial slur and that the charges are the latest attempt by authorities to discredit the movement.

Palm Beach Post reports that authorities stepped in to evict the remaining protesters outside the old city hall. While some ceded ground under police orders, 4 stood their ground in civil disobedience, which spokesperson Allison Bannon, 29, a freelance genealogist, said “is an important part of our movement.” Bannon went on to say the group would relocate .“We will not be swept under the rug.”

Further up the coast, Occupy JAX protesters called it a day, issuing a statement that the time had come for the movement to “move to the next stage.” A group of about 20 had occupied the space in front of the city hall, forming ties to labor and other community groups in the process.

Nation-wide the Occupy tactics continue to evolve. In Cleveland, a sheriff’s sale of a foreclosed home is disrupted. The group said they were there to “hold banks accountable,” and make buyers think twice in bidding the properties of their foreclosed neighbors. features a column by one Gene Policinski of the First Amendment Center on the evolving tactics of Occupy and the free speech issues raised.

Finally, Occupy Louisville's cop troubles at their last demonstration led to national attention. The group's demonstration outside the KFC/YUM Center over the weekend during U of L hoops contest, however, was peaceful. Footnote : one of the Occupy Louisville protesters arrested is apparently in trouble with the law again having been arraigned on a parole violation. The defendant was charged with assault on a police officer during the group's Chase Bank action.