March 7 : Vermont Referendum, Anonymous Bust, Occupy Critics and Response

Amidst expected political punditry about Super Tuesday, Vermonters staged a series of town meetings voting on a resolution to urge a constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling and eliminate the notion of “corporate personhood.” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has sponsored a similar type of amendment in the Senate and supported the “town meeting uprising.”

An LA Times editorial asks what kind of influence Occupy will have in November with an improving economy and a seemingly more diffuse message and focus.

New video from the Sacramento State House Occupy Education Rally :

Also in California, an Alameda County Superior Court Judge blocked the release of an investigative report detailing the pepper-spraying of protesters at UC-Davis, the ruling coming after a request by the University's Police Union. LA Times

Across the bay on Oakland, a new non-violent caucus has formed at Occupy Oakland. The caucus hopes to show Oakland occupiers that non-violence is “not passive” and can be “part of the solution.” East Bay Express

Occupy West Palm beach thought it may have found new digs at the Red Cross, but have apparently been booted.

Occupy New Haven has been asked to leave the city green, the request comes with a warning that they will clear the camp by the end of the month.

Occupy Athens was also given the boot by cops who showed up at 330 AM to move them out, prompting them to pack their tents and depart. Athens patch

Al Jazeera writes up a summary of the role and impact of OWS, comparing and contrasting it to the Arab Spring, and placing it in historical context.

Finally, presstv has an interview with Washington historian Webster Tarpley who provides specific suggestions for Occupy getting its focus back and scoring points and wins in its effort to represent the 99%.