March 8, 2012 : Good, Honest Grassroots Organizing : Foreclosure Actions Rise

National :

As the weather warms, whither Occupy? ABCNews summarizes the movements recent and upcoming actions during what promises to be a busy “USA Spring.”

Good, honest, straight-forward grassroots organizing” : Occupy Homes has made the eviction of home-owner Monique White, who fell behind on her payments and was foreclosed upon by freddie mac and US Bank, a focal point. The group says she deserves a second chance, much like the bailed out banks. White was granted an extension until Friday. National Lawyers Guild offers help. Video available at

In a situation that ends less well : Occupy LA, enraged over the foreclosure and ultimate deportation of undocumented immigrant Blanca Cardenas, 37, an undocumented Mexican national married to a U.S. Citizen with two US born children, broke in and occupied her home, leading to stand-off with police that was resolved with no arrests.

Occupy APA, that is, the American Psychiatric Association : a group of occupiers plan to march on the Philly convention center hosting the convention in “peaceful protest” of what they say are the shrinks' role in [pushing] the mental health industry to medicalize problems that aren't medical, inevitably leading to over-prescription of psychiatric drugs – including for people experiencing natural human emotions, such as grief and shyness, " according to David Oaks, long-time advocate for shrink victims. is in a tiz over an alleged SEIU-Occupy hook-up, claiming in part 2 of its investigative series that some occupy-like groups have been incorporated by Washington lawyers representing the SEIU.

Cities :

In Boston, a march for free public higher education for all.

Occupy Oakland and the city continue their back and forth legal battle as the city sues a protester for alleged vandalism to a city building. Occupy Erie protesters who protested at a local bank also now face legal ennuis.

From St. Louis, word that the city will host the 4 day Midwest regional Occupy Conference. The conference is set to feature several teach-ins with mutiple speakers, including reps from the Green Party slated.

Occupy Carson City is hosting weekly demonstrations featuring speakers. Schedule at

Global :

Encampments come down. Irishtimes says the Dublin Dame St. Encampment is gone as of last night thanks to 100 gardai. In Scotland , Occupy Dundee protesters told to quit, says theCourier

Finally, Occupy has rolled out its own mobile arcade game designed to be quote, an inherently social venture according to its creators. “The game [marries] the idea of the social movement where everyone who’s playing contributes to the overall success of everyone,” says Game Programmer Anna Anthropy. Wired