March 12, 2012 : Police Surveillance of OWS, ArcelorMittal Update

National :

Independence doesn't always pay : the Village Voice highlights an internal doc that says OWS will be “out of money in three weeks.” OWS' press team downplayed the report, saying they've “done a lot with a little” and funds “always go up and down.” No word if the funds situation will cause the group to look to Russell Simmons and Ben Cohen for their offer of financial support.

Arrested for thought crime? Some OWSers are citing increasing police monitoring along the lines of recently publicized NYPD surveillance of Muslim communities at Rutgers and elsewhere. Those who have experienced it say they are planning to sue the city. NY Times

Cities :

Occupy Nashville got the word to de-camp and troopers entered War Memorial Plaza, but apparently no arrests were made. According to, critics contend the ruling will essentially “criminalize homelessness.” Occupy Rochester is still active and celebrated their 4 month anniversary, after a recent legal filing to block eviction was successful. Occupy Fort Wayne was evicted from their encampment, 10-15 protesters were said to pack their bags and leave peacefully. New Haven Register says the Occupy New Haven protesters on the city green have said they refuse to leave, in spite of city order to vacate by “mid-march.” The camp is the last of its kind in New England.

In Michigan, Occupy Grand Rapids and other groups from an upcoming occupy conference this coming Saturday will unite to march to raise awareness of the practices of the industrial bio-food giant Monsanto

Out West, Occupy Stanford held a sign and protested Jeffery Immelt who was speaking at a university dinner there last night. The protesters' message focused on a 2010 story that GE received a $3.2B tax credit, and according to the NY Times “has spent tens of millions of dollars to push for changes in tax law.” San Francisco Business Times

NY Daily News reports “Occupy Romney” will make its debut at the uninspired candidate's big fund-raiser this Wed at the Waldorf-Astoria. No question that Mitt is part of the 1%, as he constantly reminds us.

Ed Sec ArneDuncan's texas speech gets mic-checked by Occupy Austin, video here :

Global :

North of the border, Occupy Windsor in Canda is protesting allegedly misleading “robocalls” that took place in last year's federal election.

Occupy Cork will also dismantle their camp, following the forced removal of Dublin's Dame Street camp. Irish Examiner

Occupy Bournemouth protesters have set up an encampment and insisted upon a meeting with the university president to determine what legal knowledge he may have had about the eviction of Occupy protesters from St. Paul's cathedral.

Finally provides a comprehensive, at times rhetorical summary and update of how the French ArcellorMital worker occupation is progressing. Cops there so far have not been inclined to intervene in the worker-management stand off.