March 13, 2012 : Occupy Fights Foreclosures, Gore Urges Action at SouthXSouthwest

National : Occupy Atlanta protesters in Atlanta upped the ante by staging protests at several Chase Banks yesterday , leading to multiple arrests. Police allege paint was thrown and operations at the banks were disrupted, by placing locks on entrance doors and vehicles blocking the atm drive-thru. The civil disobedience was supposedly designed to get the bank to place a “moratorium on foreclosures.”

There are more creative ways to Occupy the banks however, as the video above demonstrates. A full article indicating the direction for “American Spring : Occupy Phase 2” can be found at

A homeowner who is “hopping mad” taking Bank of America to court over her own foreclosure has advice for others in similar situations. She brought her message to Occupy Helena yesterday to help spread the word.

Charges have been filed against 5 Occupy Berkeley protesters stemming from the group's confrontation with University police last November. Commentators say the timing and subjects of the charges seems odd, given that raw video suggested an excessive police response.

Across the bay, the ACLU is backing occupy Oakland in its appeal of orders to stay away from Frank Ogawa Plaza

While the primary focus on the Left Coast recently has been blocking mortgage foreclosures (, another group, Occupy Vandenberg, protested nuclear weapons in front of that community's Air Force base. 13 were arrested there.

No less than environmental hipster and ex-Presidential candidate Al Gore attended the music biz' mega SouthXSouthwest bash, and urging techsters to “occupy democracy,” saying “our democracy has been hacked.” Gore conducted a panel with napster founder Sean Parker.

In Nashville, the governor and elected officials say they simply want to stop the camping not arrest any Occupy participants.

Peace reigns in Cincinnati, where the city has agreed to drop all charges against Occupy Cincinnati there in return for the Occupiers dropping their federal lawsuit.

UWS Digital News has covered the travails of Occupy New Haven, who have been told they are getting the boot from the town green. Today, the camp made a statement, saying they aren't leaving until several demands are met, including “improved school funding and low-income housing, longer library hours and an end to foreclosures.”

Re: arrests, multiple reports that prosecutors in New York are subpoenaing the tweets of a charged OWS protester who was arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. The National Lawyers Guild, who represent the defendant, is seeking to quash the request. At least four other accounts were requested. Mashable also has details...

Global :

The Nottingham city council wants their city's occupy protesters out, however their legal eviction is being delayed.