March 14, 2012 : Occupy New Haven Stand Off, SXSW Draws Attention



Tensions and anticipation on both sides as today is the official deadline for Occupy New Haven who released a list of demands yesterday. Protesters have filed legal appeals and created a barricade around the camp. A call has gone out to other Occupy supporters via social media and “reinforcements” are said to be on the way. New Haven Independent

Occupy Seattle staged a press conference to denounce the fact that 5 of their group are still being prosecuted for their role in a November demonstration. The group then marched on Chase Bank in Commemoration of CEO Jamie Dimon's birthday.

Nice summary from on the local Occupy Socorro, which met recently to listen and discuss a recent David Barsamian interview with economist Richard Wolff. The economist offers an analysis of the global financial meltdown and the role and impact of Occupy.

While SXSW music biz bash continues, activist and sometimes rocker Tom Morello is organizing Occupy SXSW, which will be an official Occupy Austin “Flash Mob” that performs outside the venu for the occupiers while music goes on inside for VIP badge holders. Former MC-5 rocker and long-time musical activist Wayne Kramer is said to be attending. Rolling Stone

Speaking of the mega-SXSW conference, looks hard at the income disparities at the conference and questions the practice of turning homeless people into wi-fi hot spots.

Occupy Boston hits the streets at 12:30 today to stage a flash mob of its own to protest fare hikes and service cuts to the city's MBTA.

In other upcoming events : OWS is staging an ‘Irish History of Oppression by the British Empire” in Zucotti Park this Saturday in commemoration of St. Patrick's Day.

Atlanta saw its own Bank protests with arrests yesterday, but a slightly more creative “coughing disruption” occurred at the University System of Georgia's Board of Regents meeting. The protest, likened by one comment to the memorable disciplinary scene in Animal House, is described at the Augusta Chronicle

In Chicago, Occupy is officially sponsoring its own musical festival from May 12-13, the festival will aim to "highlight the struggle of social and economic inequality through artistic performance" according to an event announcement. Huffpost