March 15, 2012 : Raw Footage of Occupy Miami Raid


"Another Day in the Life of Occupy Protester:" OccupierLoki

Occupy Miami experienced a “militarized law enforcement” raid on their “safe house" at Overton after their plans to rally were busted up by riot police. Raw footage with commentary, above.

According to YouTube poster OccupierLoki :

As we were leaving to do a march and rally multiple trucks and cars filled with SWAT looking officers with military armament came and drew their weapons on us and proceeded to round up all Occupiers and tenants and put them on the ground along with searching us and most rooms in the building. They had assault rifles and tactical shotguns. They were accompanied by FBI Agents and City of Miami police. These people were extremely violent and looked anxious to use their weapons so this first video was taken under my leg. This whole situation is very strange. ”

Multiple outlets have coverage :

Miami New Times feautures more video and interviews with one occupier saying “SWAT teams drew guns on children.” reports Occupiers claim the SWAT were joined by the FBI and were told by police they had “received a tip” about someone bringing a “long gun” to the rally.

OWS showed up outside a Romney Fundraiser last night at the Waldorf Astoria, a banner spread out on a Park Avenue sidewalk read: "Romney: 100 percent Out of Touch." The gripe against Romney's wealth is he made it cutting jobs and shrinking companies.

Meanwhile, Occupy the Midwest gains steam. An estimated 600 are said to be attending the non-violent peace conference this weekend which will feature a “general assembly on the Arch grounds, tent encampments throughout the city and workshops on 30 topics, such as police brutality and avoiding home foreclosures.”

Author Frances Fox Piven in The Nation offers a tight synopsis of the choices facing Occupy in an electoral year. Piece features eloquent video from Piven as well.

A different kind of occupy took place at a Roman Catholic Church in Havana, where dissidents urged Pope Benedict to press for change when he visits the island later this month.

On the left coast, injured Iraq vet and occupier Scott Olsen's attorney informed reporters that Olsen was in fact struck by a bean bag, not a tear gas cannister, small consolation. Modesto Bee

A comprehensive piece on Occupy's role in fighting foreclosures and “putting people back in vacant homes” is featured in the Joplin Globe

Judge rules that Occupy New Haven can remain in the green for two more weeks as a judge issued a temporary restraining order while “constitutional issues are debated” according to :

Just who is camping out on New Haven's green? Today's New Haven Register tells us, featuring 4 in depth profiles of the demonstrators.

Finally, The tennessean reports Occupy Nashville is not acquiescing with the order to quit their encampment. Several interviews with occupiers and their detractors are featured on the site.