March 21, 2012 : All Roads Lead to May 1, Trumka, Labor Said to Back General Strike

NYU local
carries word that as the trees bloom (early) in New York, the hibernation is over and all roads for Occupy lead to the May 1 General Strike. The site is up, and general assemblies from Boston, Chicago, Portland, Oakland and many other major cities are already to be signed up to be participating.

Trumka at the AFL-CIO is reported to be expressing support for the idea, working title “ A Day Without the 99%”

The ante was clearly upped over the weekend and NYC authorities no longer sound so sure that the shut-down / clampdown on public demonstrators is going to keep them off the streets. Bloomie for one, struck a more menacing tone, saying “you want to be arrested, we'll accommodate you.” huffpost

Some of the more hard-core occupiers tried to occupy union square at 14th st (ny daily news) over the weekend before being given the boot by cops last night. The cops cited a midnight curfew rule that is “usually unenforced”(Photos and Coverage at

Arrested protester Chris Longenecker writes form NYPD central booking about why the latest spate of arrests and crackdowns means “days of mass action” are now more important than ever.

Occupy New Haven, with their bounce orders stayed for the moment, seem to be taking a more peaceful approach, emphasizing art work at the site. According to Yalie and occupier said Martina Crouch ’14, who joined the movement last fall. “We’re developing an Occupy culture out of the culture we already have.” Yale Daily News The New Haven Register has video of the occupiers there “tightening up and cleaning up” the green where they occupy.

Down South, Occupy Miami takes it on the chin as the Miami New Times interviews residents who were less than enthused about the recently-raided “Peace City” occupy dwelling at Overtown.

Pundits and politicos continuously debate the merits and impact of occupy, but does anyone recall articles about income inequality regularly showing up in mainstream outlets like NY Times prior to Zuccotti?

Wall Street Journal Online features tight coverage of Occupy's “working technology group” a coalition of about 30 activists who have spent the winter fortifying the Occupy technological infrastructure. The thrust is to help the occupiers coordinate their movements and rallies and supply up to the minute info on barricades and the like.

The Nation is running a “live blog” which promises frequent updates on the US occupation. It's news here but it appears to have been out there, more or less, since Oct. 21. UWS Digital News will monitor it for daily posts and links to other occupy news.

Midwest :

-Spray paint and other acts of vandalism are being, right now, attributed to pro-occupiers still steaming over the weekend's confrontation with police at Compton Reservoir Heights Park

Left Coast :

-The 3 Occupy Oakland protesters accused of attacking a woman at a rally, have been ordered by a judge to stand trial for the incident, the 3 are charged with robbery and a hate crime.

-Fall out from the fall violent confrontation between U-Cal Berkeley occupiers/demonstrators and the campus cops rolls on with a judge in Alameda County Superior Court issuing a stay away order to the protesters so charged, according to the Assistant DA. One of those charged includes U-Cal English Professor Celeste Langan, who famously was filmed having her hair pulled by the cops on you tube.

Finally, Wired has a piece on Occupy Comics, one of the early products of Black Mask Studios, a newish, alternative publisher who plan to shake up and occupy the comics industry. The group kicks off with some elaborate sketches combining hardcore punk aesthetics with occupy themes.