March 22, 2012 : Occupy Joins Million Hoodie March, DHS Documents Declassified

As awareness of the scandalous nature of Trayvon Martin's killing and aftermath spreads nation-wide, Occupy joins the fray, marching with thousands of other Martin family supporters in a “million hoodie march” last night in Union Square to protest the killing and ensure justice is served. Martin's killer remains at large. The group later went back to the financial district and mounted the bull while police looked on.,

The other big news boom comes from Jason Leopold and his muckraking team at truthout, whose FOIA request comes through with info from DHS on their activities spying on OWS. The documents are posted at the truthout link above along with details and the status of additional requests which are pending.

Occupies in other cities got into the act, with activists in Buffalo seeking a permit for an ongoing “Voice of Homicide” demonstration in the city's square.

Occupy Chattanooga is challenging their eviction from the Hamilton County Courthouse Lawn in court today.

Occupy Columbia, meanwhile, is back in their old digs in front of the South Carolina statehouse now that the ruling banning their encampments there has expired.

Occupy Rochester's encampment's fate remains in a judge's hands, who is still deciding.

While many camps have been shut down, 100 students at Occupy Vandy are just getting started, kicking off with a campus rally and speeches that list three key demands.

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Moving to the left coast, former Marine and Iraq Vet Scott Olsen has filed a legal claim against the city of Oakland after he was infamously struck I the skull by a projectile fired by police who intended to break-up a fall rally.

Also on the left coast, Occupy LA and other activists are petitioning the United Nations to investigate allegations of torture within the California penitentiary system.

Occupy continues to ramp up Spring efforts. On March 24th , a “Disrupt Dirty Power" Occupy will launch a day of action linking environmental concerns to Wall Street abuses. The action is timed to coincide with the UN release of its sustainability report around that time. Huffpost

Let them Eat Pepper Spray : Speaking of Wall Street, Bloomie takes heat this morning from, of all places, Market Watch, the Journal's finance site. Writer David Weidner describes the Mayor's lunch with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein as “having so many things wrong with [it], it's hard to know where to begin.”

In Huffpost writer Scott Thill piles on, going back to earlier Bloomie bluster and boasts that he “has his own army in the NYPD – which is the seventh largest army in the world” and saying he now be losing the war.

Williamsburg, VA hosted an evening with William and Mary law professor Timothy Zwick and Amin Husain of New York City, one of the original Occupy Wall Street organizers. Both reviewed and discussed Occupies successes and challenges.

Finally, the has a “how did we get here” video, with data supporting the claims of the 99%.