March 27, 2012 : How Occupy Got its Groove Back, Victory in Atlanta has a excellent summary and analysis of steps taken by Occupy over the winter that prepared the movement for the recent Spring resurgence, reporting on the challenges and the decisions that determined the path forward.

The Atlantic joins in with an overview of the Spring Training sessions for occupiers now taking place in all 50 states.

Justice for Trayvon gains steam nation-wide, organizers are planning a three day summer occupation of Sanford, FL, to make their demands known and heard. Recent rallies there have tallied in the thousands and organizers hope to capitalize on this momentum. Occupy Sanford is up and running at, which houses videos and articles about the case, as well as a donation link. The hashtag is also set up here. However, the group's facebook link is busted. UWS Digital News will let them know and provide the info.

Meanwhile, Rev. Al Sharpton has vowed to Occupy Sanford over the Easter weekend. The Reverend says the action is meant to push the town's authorities to either “arrest Zimmerman or arrest us for praying for his arrest.”

Christian Science Monitor is questioning whether the Reverend's position as a cable tv analyst is jeopardized by his activism.

Cities :

Occupy Atlanta and its Labor partners declare a partial victory as AT&T rescinds planned lay-offs of 250 employees and reduces its CEO's salary by two mil a year (he makes $27M annually). According to the Atlanta Progressive News, “Occupy Atlanta has been camped out on the sidewalk at AT&T's Midtown headquarters, since February 13, when twelve people held a sit-in and were arrested while protesting the announced layoffs of 740 employees in the Southeast US.”

Occupy Atlanta was joined by Communications Workers of America 3204, and Atlanta Jobs with Justice. Special acknowledgment is given to homeless participant “Copper” who ran the tent camp 24 hours a day for the length of the 42 day occupation.

Buoyed by the victory, Creative Loafing Atlanta says the group's next work will be a “massive protest” against SR 469, a bill they say is designed to undercut unions.

Troubles continue on the left coast, Occupy San Francisco saw an argument between two men, one of whom ended up stabbing the other and then running away. San Jose Mercury News

In Idaho, a legislative session turned raucous as occupy demonstrators chanted at a committee meeting for a bill designed to evict them from the Capitol Mall, by eliminating overnight camping. The former facilities manager goes to bat for Occupy, testifying at the hearing that the bill is “completely unnecessary” and “designed to inhibit free speech.” Spokesman-Review

Down South, popular voices continue to debate Occupy Overtown, in the Miami New Times, with some readers saying “nice kids” and others saying squatters' mischief got the better of them. Stay tuned.

Across the state, on the gulf coast, an Occupy Tampa activist is in court to test the legality of the cops arresting her for violating the curfew in the park where Occupy was originally set up. The judge has so far backed the police but did give the occupier's attorney more time to development their argument that the arrest was unconstitutional. Tampa Bay Times reports it's official : Occupy Chattanooga has left the building, well the front of the courthouse building anyway. The group now follows suit like so many others and ends its 147 day occupation with the message that “they'll be back, ” with phase 2, said to include weekly action against corporate targets.

Finally, Occupy has gone mainstream, as an internet brokerage site, no doubt after much Mad Men strategy, tweaks the movement by urging its potential customers to join the 1%. huffpost