April 18, 2012 : Rallies Nationwide on Tax Day, Introducing Guitarmy


Rallies on Tax Day across the US. Occupy makes in-roads into board-rooms and think-tanks. Guitarmy will join May 1st rally. Bloomie to give commencement speech. Tax Dodgers at Anne Romney's birthday bash.

Buzz through-out the blogosphere over Citi's shareholder rejection of what is typically pro-forma approval of senior executive compensation. Many claim Occupy has reached the board room. Huffpost

Tax day has come and gone, sparking rallies through-out US Cities. The uniformed “Tax Dodgers” are at it again, this time in front of the Trump Towers for a birthday bash thrown by the Donald for working mom Anne Romney. The Donald's guest and passerby are serenaded with the Dodgers version of Take me out to the Tax Game, above. Huffpost

Bloomie may be the self-appointed head of the One Percent Army, but Occupy is raising Occupy Guitarmy, with 1,000 guitarists sought for the May Day protest to (presumably) jam together in a cacophonous rendition of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land," Sergio Ortega's "El Pueblo Unido," and other protester faves.

No word yet on rehearsal schedule, but Occupy Guitarmy will gather at noon in Bryant Park before joining the May 1 march down to Union Square, where the music will begin. Village Voice

CNN features NY U political professor Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz who writes that all Occupies world-wide are striving to re-balance the moral economy, as well as the monetary.

Cities/Encampments :

Adherents of both Occupy and The Tea party stage “mock rallies” for high school students at a Youth Government Conference taking place at Benedictine University. Each side presents its core case, as the high-schoolers get the lowdown on each of the groups' positions and agenda. Naperville Sun

For Occupy New Haven, it's official, as their last legal appeal is seemingly exhausted. Some are already packing up. Yale Daily News

Occupy Madison faces a similar fate as their makeshift homeless shelter/tent city relies upon a 4 month temporary camping permit, slated to expire April 30, according to the city's attorney. Wisconsin State Journal

A video of a Boston cop choking an occupy protester has generated controversy and the promise of a police review of the incident, but while the victim describes the officer's conduct as “extremely inappropriate” he says he was not harmed in any significant way. Thebostonchannel.com

Occupy Santa Ana, as noted, has also aligned itself with its community's homeless, urging the city council to halt the police practice of issuing anti-camping tickets. The homeless say they appreciate the support and the presence of occupiers temporarily resulted in police leaving them alone during a week long occupy camp out at their normal digs in front of the Civic Center. LA Times

Washington's Peter G. Peterson Institute normally hosts wonks and finance gurus, however on Tuesday, a gathering to publicize the release of the “Occupy Handbook.” New Yorker financial writer John Cassidy zings the academic attendees, urging them to “start from the premise that the market is inefficient and decide where we go from here.Washingtonpost.com

An Occupy Atlanta protester is arrested by cops for allegedly blocking a police vehicle on the street in front of an occupied, foreclosed property. Occupiers dispute the cops' account and term it “an attempt to intimidate.” Championnewspaper.com

Dailytarheel.com says occupiers and students UNC have formed an “Alternative Commencement Task Force” after learning that the university's commencement speaker will be none other than 1 percent leader NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Look for Bloomie to get mic-checked on graduation day.

Occupy Spokane hit the streets again, saying reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated. Nwcn.com

Finally, as noted, Occupy has historic parallels in the 60s. The 1760s, it turns out. Wall Street Journal notes that two Fed Reserve economists have unearthed a letter criticizing the 1 percent posted in the New York Gazette in 1765. The pre-Revolutionary letter notes that “Men frequently owe their Wealth to the Impoverishment of their Neighbours.”