April 19, 2012 : Occupy Southside Mental Health Clinic, More Board Room Actions

Occupy the
Southside Chicago Woodlawn Clinic : As noted, Occupy moves on many fronts, spinning off various advocacy and protest groups, carried out by citizens of all stripes who act on issues they have identified in their community. Salon.com gets top billing, as they carry an in-depth reports and videos of the Occupation, carried out by supporters and advocates who barricaded themselves inside the clinic to demanded a meeting with political noble Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The UC Davis Police Chief who oversaw the notorious pepper-spraying of student Occupiers – click here for full video – is out, having submitted her resignation. The news comes on the heels of a task force report made public last week that blamed the highest levels of university decision-makers for the very public incident. Atlanta Journal Constitution

This space has noted the connections between Occupy and the Art world. After focusing on the Whitney's biennial celebration, OWS is now turning its attention to the Frieze Art Fair in New York. OWS says they're targeting the Frieze because they are helping financialize the art industry. They've also been accused by NYC Carpenters of violating labor standards. In contrast to the museum system of rewards, OWS wants to set up a public barter system for works of art. LA Times

Yesterday we looked at OccupyGuitarmy, today comes Occupy this Album featuring long-in-the-tooth rockers Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Yo la Tengo, Yoko Ono, and more – Michael Moore, to be precise, who covers Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin”. Pitchfork has a review

We noted a recent NACLA conference focused on the age-old Latin American tradition of peasants asserting land rights through various forms of squatting and land take-overs. Today, word from Honduras that Honduran campesinos are asserting their land rights through an occupation of several large tracts owned by large landowners. Washington Post

Occupy New Haven's encampment, formerly the oldest in New England, is now officially dust as authorities finally evicted the remaining occupants. 13 were arrested, and a haz-mat team made its way through the camp and found nothing other than large white rats. A local shelter took in several homeless who had been staying in the encampment (photos, video) New Haven Register

Meanwhile since OWS was scooped off the streets around Wall Street, a stand-off between some occupiers and the US Park Service is taking place at nearby Federal Hall, with the Park Service insisting upon a permit for any “ event” with more than 25 people, and OWS playing it cool, saying they don't need or want one. Right now the steps are barricaded with OWS in a “pen” of sorts. Gothamist.com

Yalie Nate Zelinsky, takes a break from finals study to deliver a parting shot to the Occupiers, saying they devolved into an incoherent, mindless mob by the end. Yale Daily News

Continuing to Occupy the board room : a spin-off called 99% Power plans to target up to 36 different annual meetings to assert their shareholder rights and power. Chicago Tribune says the activists consist of a mix of labor union members, environmentalists, customers and clergy members.

Informationweek takes a look at IT executive pay in light of the recent Citi shareholders rejection of their senior execs pay plan, likely to be enacted any way.

Felix Salomon at Reuters partially reviews the Occupy Handbook, and how it presumes and imparts a working knowledge of financial matters leading him to speculate the 99% should Occupy Defined-Pension Benefit Funds.

File under : Did politics really make these strange bedfellows? From Utah, Salt Lake Trib reports the allegedly unauthorized use of occupy protesters in a video promoting GOP candidates. Stay tuned.

Global :

Rt.com takes a look at Occupiers at Menwith Hill, termed the “largest intelligence and surveillance base outside the US.” Local residents, who often camp outside in protest, have been joined by members of the global Occupy movement in support.

Finally, a report that Occupy Dataran was attacked by thugs last night. The Kuala Lampur encampment was overrun by a group of nearly 60, some of whom may be members of

Umno Youth” who kicked and beat the protesters, also stealing and vandalizing their equipment. Activist Temme Lee who is participating in the Occupy Dataran encampment has a complete account at aliran.com