April 20, 2012 : Occupy Foreclosures is Worldwide, Yes Men Prank Hits BofA

Occupier tactics take all forms. The more creative the better, at least for this space. Yes Men hit another home run with a bogus press release announcing that BofA was soliciting ideas from the public as to what they would do once they owned the Bank. The release included authentic logos, fake content, and an alleged advertising campaign. The release, sent under fake Busineswire auspices, looked genuine enough for Dow Jones News wires to publish it, briefly. Yeslab.org

Danny Glover, Francis Fox Piven, Occupy Philly and a coalition of other celebs and activists will Occupy DOJ (the Justice Department) on April 24th at 11AM in DC to demand the release of controversially-convicted, alleged cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The rally will focus broadly on excessive incarceration of brown people in the United States generally, urging jobs and health care over the prison industrial complex.

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) holds an Occupy Your Mind teach-in with a panel that includes College Republicans Club, the Campus Cops, Occupy FAU. For the most part things remain civil through-out the dialogue, though serious disagreements emerge. Upressonline.com

Further North, Jacksonville attorney Rusty Collins urges Florida residents to become aware of all their legal options when facing foreclosure as part of his legal blog post called Occupy Your Street. Jacksonville.com

Cities :

A day after a Yalie junior cheers the eviction of Occupy New Haven from the town green, classmate Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent fires back, writing that if the same behavioral standards were applied to Yale, the school would be evicted, too. Yale Daily News

Occupy Oakland, no stranger to various incidents in the camp, has had numerous charges sought against their encampment, the latest is a protester accused of attacking an officer with a folding chair. Jurors are deliberating. San Jose Mercury News

Nation-wide, smaller Occupy groups are emerging with weekly rallies. Occupy Montlcair is one, where activists rally each Saturday at at the corner of Bloomfield and South Fullerton avenues from 10-1130AM. Montclair.patch.com

Occupy Fort Lauderdale is hosting a program highlighting working class struggles at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, April 29, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale. Sun-sentinal.com

Occupies are also revving up for the May Day General Strike, including Occupy Grand Junction , who plan a Maypole dance at 5pm for those who still plan to work. Live music acts scheduled for the day reflect the broad range of musical tastes of the 99%, including including heavy metal, conscious hip hop, and the ever-present singer-songwriter acoustic. Gifreepress.com

35 occupiers are arrested at the Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn, for the usual singing and chanting to disrupt eviction/foreclosure proceedings.

The reactions of the public servants and worker-bees who come into contact with Occupy and its spin-offs vary. In Brooklyn, some court officials voice gripes about Occupy interference, saying they're the 99% too and they can't do their job. Brooklynpaper.com

The occupiers' logic seems to run like this : we, the 99% bailed the banks out, therefore they must in some respect serve the public and are subject to democratic norms and control.

Global :

Activists mobilize around community issues that they view as essential. Foreclosures are a world-wide phenomenon, and Occupy backs the victims, disrupting evictions and speaking out at vulture sales and various legal proceedings.

News today from Irishcentral.com about an elderly couple out on the street after admitting they “overstretched themselves.” As is often the case, the place of work is inside the home, so they are finding it hard to keep up. Members of Occupy Dublin demonstrate outside the Sheriff’s office and rally the town folk. The note on the home is held by financiers considered responsible for the Irish economic collapse. (video above)

Occupy Dataran, just a day after being overrun and attacked by thugs, say they will continue their occupation of Dataran Merdeka during a Royal Concert over the weekend, even as other student activists say they will vacate the square. The occupiers say there is room for everyone. Themalaysianinsider.com

Finally, file under : WTF?? Glenn Beck reads a letter on the air from a member of 9/12 – a group he created- who claims that Occupy has “infiltrated” 9/12 and Tea party groups to “create gridlock and wreak havoc.” Is the letter real? Is the writer? Is the story? No one knows. So far no word from Occupy, though news.gather.com speculates that Occupy may have their hands full with other matters.