April 25, 2012 : 99 Percent Crash GE, Wells Fargo, Brooklyn Parents Plan to Occupy

The Prez is making the media rounds to kick off his re-election bid, with the latest stop at Rolling Stone, where he sits down (for an hour) with long-time Jagger groupie and RS Publisher Jann Wenner. The Prez says Occupy is “part of a broader anxiety” while mentioning that he remains a champ of the “free market system.” Content.usatoday.com

The Prez is making political hay talking up the Student Debt crisis, and the 99 percent can relate. Occupiers in Zuccotti and elsewhere cite oppressive student debt, (and the difficulty finding gainful employment to pay it down) as a chief concern driving them into the street.

Occupy Maine gets into the act with a protest geared toward student debt concerns today in Portland. The protest mirrors actions nation-wide, also termed 1T Day, ie, the day the nation's student debt reaches $1 Trillion. Wmtw.com, Christian Science Monitor

Speaking of Zuccotti, OWS gets the boot from the “Magic Mountain,” a loft at 40 Exchange St. where a sympathetic tenant had difficulty keeping up with payments of $6200/month, and then joined the occupiers before letting them crash there. The eviction was put off three times before the word to vacate came down. Wall Street Journal

File under : D'Oh! Fast Company reports today that cops are leveraging (if not outright purchasing) data gathered by and on social networking sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to keep tabs on what the Occupies are up to. UWS Digital News welcomes these new readers, as all others.

US news is replete with accounts of occupy-inspired “share-holder activism” as labor and concerned citizens flex muscle at and in the board-room. Tactics vary, yesterday Wells Fargo's typically pro-forma annual meeting is crashed by SF Occupiers and activists howling over banker pay, citizen home foreclosures amidst public bailouts, and large bank profit margins in a climate of suffering. Protesters surround the Merchant Exchange Building with 9 arrested inside for shouting over Wells Fargo honcho's John Stumpf's Power Point.

GE's board meeting in Detroit is next on tap, as the 99% crash the party today in Detroit. GE evasion of US corporate taxes is the key issue. Companies collect various public subsidies in the form of corporate tax loopholes but object when the public wants a voice on how their cash is spent and invested. GE CFO Keith Sherin fires back, claiming the company pays above the US rate, though security filings showed a “a negative 12%”tax rate for 2009, the last year on record. Obama advisor and GE CEO Immelt is shouted down with cries of “pay your fair share.” Scott Malone at Reuters gives the facts in a coherent manner at Chicagotribune.com

Occupy-Labor links strengthen in SanFrancisco, where the two plan to shut-down the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on May 1. Plans to automate toll-taking and city district demands for labor givebacks and concessions on healthcare drive the dispute. See video, above. Huffington Post

Finally, Occupy's a way of life, not a group, and anyone can do it. This includes the Brooklyn parents whose children attend PS 29, the Cobble Hill School, which scheduled an asbestos removal prior to the kids bolting for summer break. Angry parents promise to occupy the school, and get arrested, if the procedure is not pushed back, citing safety concerns, read : mesothelioma. NY Daily News