April 27, 2012 : Left Coast Rumblings, Judge Says Tweets Fair Game


Arrests turn to charades as cases get tossed. Occupy Dataran moves ahead. Rumblings on the left coast in anticipation of the May 1 General Strike. Finally, Occupy Asteroids??

A group of Occupy Philly protesters busted in November for resisting arrest and the usual array of charges have walked free after a Philadelphia judge on Thursday dismissed all charges against them. Philly.com

Ditto for those charged for Occupying the Capitol in Sacramento, as the DA there announces she will not pursue charges against the vast majority of demonstrators. Modesto Bee

Various social networking tools are used by Occupiers to spread the word, encourage discussion, and coordinate logistics. However a NY court says anything protesters say there can and will be used against them in a court of law, as it rejects the petition of arrested Occupier Malcolm Harris to deny the subpoena of his twitter account. New York Magazine

With all the legal wranglings that comes with occupying public space, some have wondered (this space included) why the Occupiers bother, when results seem predictable – a slew of arrests, endless legal back and forth, usually followed by dismissal or acquittal. However, OWS protester Justin Wedes, interviewed previously on the Colbert show, opens up about why the tactics remain essential to Occupy. Gothamist.com

Left Coast : Occupy Oakland calls for “no work, no school, no business as usual” on May 1st, urging both union-affiliated and non-affiliated workers to join in the proposed general strike. Occupy Oakland has said they will shut down the Golden gate Bridge if bridge workers currently involved in negotiations with the city's district decide to strike. Right now, Occupy Oakland is organizing buses to get demonstrators to the bridge. Ktvu.com

An Occupy Oakland demonstrator is convicted of “deterring an officer” during an altercation that allegedly took place during a Dec. 30th rally. The protester was charged with using a metal folding chair on an officer. San Jose Mercury News

Occupy Oakland also allege they were escorted out of the A's game for handing out Occupy fliers and holding signs to advertise the May 1 General Strike. We weren't quite sure what they were thinking, as ticket prices for such sporting events run high for 99 percenters, especially if they bring their families. Then again, it is the A's; the occupiers claim they only paid $2 each for the tickets. A's personnel could not find a written policy against the distribution of such literature. The coliseum, they say, is “publicly-owned but privately operated, ” and therefore has the right to set rules inside. mercurynews.com

The left coast continues to buzz over the occupation of the UC parcel of land named Gill Tract, where occupiers have set up their own farm in protest of a coming Whole Foods development. Beth Hoffman writes in Forbes how this particular Occupation encapsulates many of California's state-wide issues. Forbes

Global :

Occupy Dataran Mederka continues to make news, publishing a statement about its goals and how their current situation constitutes a “historic action.” Organizer Boon Kia Meng writes of the challenges facing the group, which include attacks during the night from security officers, while describing their aspirations for a more democratic, shared-power society. Themalaysianinsider.com

Amsterdamnews.com features coverage of the Occupy-inspired and aided rally for alleged political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, convicted of shooting a Philadelphia police officer over three decades ago, and recently removed from Death Row. Jamal says he's innocent. The Occupy the DOJ rally Tuesday featured actor/activist Danny Glover, legendary Hip Hop artist Chuck D, and others who demanded Jamal's release and an end to the prison industrial complex. Dead Prez, Rebel Diaz and X-Clan were also present.

Finally, Occupy Asteroids?? Huffpost writer Randall Amster describes what he says is a scene from “a B science-fiction movie”: a handful of corporate executives get together to set up exploratory mines on nearby asteroids to “grab the low hanging fruit of the solar system.” Except it's true... the actual venture is backed by Google executives, the Perot Group, James Cameron, and others, who are racing ahead with the privatization of space. No word yet, how Occupiers will get there but no doubt they will be arrested for criminal trespass once they do.