May Day 2012 : Ongoing Occupy and Strike Coverage, Links, Resources and More

May Day 2012 is here and we present : Occupy : We Got You Covered! UWS Digital News has boots on the ground, reporters in the field, and will feature regular updates in this space.

630 AM and the day dawns wet and gray. The Bolt Bus is where we submit the first update from. The same Bolt Bus where riders cannot reach the promised internet-land. This limits early access to live updates on both May Day Radio as well as live video streams from Bryant Park and elsewhere. We do however, hear the guy snoring behind us, and a bland discussion covering numerous topics, right next to us. Outside, rain is coming down, hard. This combines to makes us ornery. Of course it is early yet.

We hold out hope.

Forbes has an early morning scorecard highlighting the key factors to watch for in today's demonstrations. Right in line with our thinking. The top three things this space will watch for include :

1. the extent to which organized labor participates. Though the early word was labor was staying away, it now appears that many organizations are participating. Check out for a full list.

2. The creativity of demonstrators and protests will indicate how much time, training, and creativity has gone into Occupy's months of preparation during the winter hibernation months leading up to this day.

What will be the back-up plan is if the police response goes “over the top.” Are Occupiers prepared?

3. How attuned will police be to demonstrators' movements, given recent reports of extensive surveillance of social networking sites employed by Occupy and the coordination with banks? is full of resources, including a “Last Minute May Day Checklist” and the day's complete schedule of events in NYC and other cities. A live “May Day Radio” station is available online. Also featured are live streams from around the world. The live stream from Bryant Park with reports that “numbers are doubling by the minute.”

Look for organized labor to join the occupiers with a “solidarity march” to Union Square at 5:30PM..

In front of NYU, a caller to May Day Radio reports “increasing number of students arriving,” with UAW members holding signs.

Relevant hashtags for today :


Summarizing the early action is this log :

Live Updates from as of 9:41AM US EDT

  • 9:05am ET: Occupy Bushwhick and Occupy Williamsburg leaving Maria Hernandez Park for morning commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Hundreds assembled at Bryant Square pop-up Occupation. Others participating in various pickets across NYC.

  • 8:50am ET: The 99 Pickets are underway! Occupiers are playing music and chanting in solidarity with various labor struggles throughout the city, now on livestream.

  • 8:20am ET: Pop-up Occupation at Bryant Park, NYC still growing, handing out free programs. Scouts report 20 police vehicles on either side of the park. Rallies in Madrid and Barcelona also now live.

  • 8am ET: Picket lines have formed at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. Airport workers, LA labor unions, community and religious organizations, and Occupiers are protesting against unfair labor practices. Protesters will picket various terminals from 3am to midnight Pacific time. Delays are expected. At least 1200 United Service Workers West will demonstrate and march starting at noon at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Century Boulevard will be closed from noon until 4 p.m. between Airport Boulevard and the LAX Central Terminal Area.

  • 7:30am ET: Livestream now live at Bryant Park, NYC. Large police and mainstream media presence. Streamers report numbers are ¨doubling by the minute.¨

  • 7:25am ET: Now on livestream: Large demo in Hamburg, Germany.

  • 6:40am ET: Lots of police barricades, a few cops on hand by the Brooklyn Bridge. via @Occuweather: ¨Tracking the heavy rain across the area. Next hour should be light, then another thunderstorm or two around 9.¨ Its supposed to be 73F and sunny by this afternoon though!

  • 6:20am ET: May Day NYC Radio is live...Members of the Transport Workers Union talking now. Meanwhile, Occupiers in Greece, the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe are also getting May Day events underway.

  • 6am ET: May Day rallies streaming live from Istanbul, Turkey. Occupy London is around Liverpool St station handing out free roses with tags reading: "Love, breathe, hope, create, OCCUPY. There is something better out there."


Reports of an alleged “prank” as white powder is sent to 7 Wells Fargo branches with a note reading “Happy May Day.” Occupy spokesperson Bill Dobbs denies any connection and says such stunts detract from today's message. CBS News

Among the more interesting protests promises to be activist and sometimes-rocker Tom Morello's Occupy Guitarmy, which has solicited (simultaneous?) guitar performances from over 1,000 players who will rehearse at noon in Bryant Park before decamping to march to Union Square for a performance at 2PM.

Star Ledger has the early indication that up to 100 labor organizations may be participating. Early rallies are said to start from the 8AM gathering point in Bryant Park at midtown Manhattan, then fan out in pickets to 99 targets representing the 99 percent.

Labor unions and Occupy SF apparently are not planning to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge after all. However, ferry service to Marin County allegedly will be shut down as part of a partial strike by transportation workers in a contract dispute with the city. However authorities say they are mindful that the demonstrations will be spontaneous, i.e. , plans could change and the bridge could still be shut down. NI town, a march is planned at 2PM to reach the corners of Market and Van Ness. An occupation of a vacant building is planned from there. Stay tuned for more from the left coast.

Further upstate, Wall Street Journal reports that Occupy Albany is back, with a pro-green, pro-labor agenda, to be emphasized during the day's festivities in the capitol, to take place between noon and midnight.

Up North and further East, checks in with May Day activities in Portland. Maine.

CNN reported that Occupy and Immigrant advocacy groups were having trouble getting on the same page in LA. This doesn't appear to be the case in Seattle, where both groups sound like they are reading from the same playbook, preparing for the day's activities. Seattle Times

Speaking of police response, a new report from the Bay Area by independent court monitors sharply criticizes the Oakland PD and city response to the Occupy demonstrations that shook the city initially. Huffpost

Finally, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is feeling the heat from Occupy Chicago and various mental health advocates who are fighting the scheduled April 30 closing of several public clinics. Emanuel, whose office was occupied yesterday (video above), claims the move will not deny consumers access to care but the protesters, who are requesting a stay form President Obama and Gov. Quinn, clearly disagree.

*We will submit an NYC Field Report later today*