May 16, 2012 : Bankers Being Called on the Carpet, Chicago Readies for NATO

Bankers called on the carpet world-wide by Occupy. Some engage protesters. Chicago readies for NATO Conference. Coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race!

Global :

File Under : Hey Man, We Can Relate: Moscow's group of Occupiers, aka “Occupy Abai,” is dust as Putin's cops have the eviction drill down : First set a pretext, then a deadline. Next, come early (anywhere from 3 to 6AM usually works), rouse sleepy-headed protesters who typically don't turn in early, send them packing, then raze the camp. Occupy Abai, set up May 9 around a monument to Abai Kunanbayev, a Kazakh poet, says they have a new location, about 2 miles from the city.

The pretext given by Putin's cops for breaking up the encampment is disturbances to the surrounding neighborhood. Organizer Yashin calls bullsh-t, lamenting “All this nonsense you see on state television doesn't correspond with reality.”

Fellow G8 Colleague Chancellor Merkel responds similarly as she clears out Occupy Frankfurt at 9 AM this morning so that European Bankers may congregate peacefully at their 4-day conference. Europeans across the continent are less than thrilled by the bankers' austerity plans for the region.

British Bankers Association Prez Angela Knight adopts a more conciliatory tone, agreeing to meet with representatives of Occupy inside their offices at Old Broad St.

Knight tells 3 representatives of Occupy that the industry “employs half a million people and makes substantial tax and charitable contributions” to the British Empire. Was that so difficult? The Occupiers wanted the meeting to take place outside so they could mic-check Knight. Bloomberg

Make way for Yachts!! In Galway, 50 gardai rouse 6 Occupy Galway protesters at 430AM this mornin.

A month earlier, the Gardai had told the they hadno legal basis to remove the camp from Eyre Square. But these unfortunate 6, perhaps unbeknownst to them, were standing in the way of the worldwide Volvo Ocean Race.

Yacht aficionados reading this space will know that The Volvo Open 70 is “not a singular yacht design or boat but rather a set of design rules to which competing boats must adhere to,” similar to the concept to the design and construction rules that define a formula one race car. As may be seen in the video above, the race requires the utmost skills, physical endurance and competitive spirit as competitors race day and night for more than 20 days at a time on some of the legs. (credit :wiki)

UWS Digital News will stay on top of this and other Yacht races as they unfolds in Galway and elsewhere.

Closer to home :

OWS lights into Morgan Stanley top cat Chairman and Executive James Gorman at the company's shareholder meeting, peppering him with questions about Morgan Stanley's role in job creation. OWS feels that banks on the dole (and the CEOs that represent them) owe the 99% an explanation as to what they are doing with the money.Gorman has other headaches as he faces a potential “three notch credit downgrade” from rating agency Moody's.

Reuters pointed out not too long ago that Fed loans to shaky financial institutions don't come without certain risk.

Camps just aren't welcome anywhere these days, Occupy Little Rock prepares for arrest and the mayor tells Occupy Lansing they are not welcome back in the public square this year. Lansing State Journal,

NATO Conference:

May Day in NYC and elsewhere was largely a festive affair (except for the usual cop crackdowns in Oakland). It remains to be seen how cops and demonstrators get on in Chicago at next week's NATO Conference. The G8 had planned to be there as well but flew the coop to Camp David. Allison Kilkenny has a preview at

ITWorld stays on top of the latest police paramilitary technology advancements, such as the CPD's use of Long-Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) which blast sonic noise waves at protesters to blow them back if they get too close. The ACLU and other groups say the devices can “easily” cause hearing damage. The US Navy has used them with success previously on Somali Pirates.

Left Coast Update :

The “urban farming” camp at Occupy the Farm on the UC-Berekely plot of land suffers a similar fate as cops move out the last 9 urban farmers and bulldoze to make way for university land development. The university has also filed suit against 14 of the protesters. The organizers of the action say they'll be back and are not giving up their public claim to the land

Readers of this space know that we concern ourselves with the intersection of occupy and organized labor to see how and if the two can work and play well together. LA Times reports the two get together for a loud demonstration outside LA's City Hall to demand that banks doing biz with the city report on their impact to the community, including charitable giving and foreclosure rates.

Occupiers in Tampa stage a similar rally, griping about JP Morgan Chase's already legendary $2B “mistake” and saying they are tired of the Wall Street Casino. WUSF

Similar action takes place in Pasadena where the community rallies to support a fellow forceclosed-on resident after BofA runs out a mother and her disabled daughter. LA Times Blog

Finally, let's add a final step to City Hall's anti-Occupy playbook : grouse about the cost to taxpayers. Which they couldn't do if they simply evicted the camps right away. Or didn't evict them at all. LA Times carries the news of the city's clean-up tab for Occupy running to $30M.