May 18, 2012 : NATO Kick Off, Frankfurt Deals with Blockupy, Galway Now Clear for Ocean Race

Occupy Laugh Riot. NATO kicks off. Putin busts up second camp, jails key Occupier organizer Yashin. Galway streets clear, Volvo Ocean Race too close to call. may be the rag of the one percent, but there's no question they excel at providing regular coverage of Occupy. Today, Forbes' wag Ken Rapoza talks up the upcoming “Occupy Laugh Riot” scheduled to take place today to coincide with the meeting of the G8. Occupiers can leave comments for Rapoza and he will respond.

All eyes turn to Chicago as Occupy descends on the NATO conference, with thousands of protesters bused in to whoop it up in a series of marches and rallies. The schedule calls for rallies in Daley Plaza and a march to home of Mayor and kingmaker Rahm Emanuel, as well as actions at the edge of the convention center - where Iraq and Afghanistan veterans plan to “turn in their medals.”

NATO's military delegates will meet in “lock down” mode inside the convention, throughout the weekend. The G8, originally scheduled to meet in Chicago at the same time, moved its meeting to Camp David. Washington Post

As noted, part of the playbook against Occupiers consists of scooping them off the street and bringing them to jail on bogus charges, which are later dropped or dismissed. This is the case for an Occupy student photographer Alexander Arbuckle, whose case is dismissed based on video evidence submitted in a Manhattan court.

Global :

This space mentioned recently that Occupy Galway got the boot from the gardai (Irish gendarmes) to make way for Volvo Ocean Race. One of the interesting dynamics creeping up around Occupy globally is how the occasional politician will risk re-election by siding with the occupiers

This is the case with Galway city councilor Catherine Connolly who criticizes the removal : “We are told we can’t get a guard or two for our community policing and yet there are 40 of them, including some special squad, available to move in on a group of people who are carrying out a peaceful protest.” Another councilor is glad they're gone in advance of the ocean race.

Followers of the race may take heart as this space will provide ongoing coverage. The latest standings may be found here, with Team Telefonica grabbing the lead with an 11 point cushion. However at four in-ports, three legs, the race is said by officials to be too close to call.

Among other one percent concerns : Putin's Moscow crackdown against Occupy organizers like Ilya Yashin has sent investors in Russian funds heading toward the exits. The Russian ruler, who stood up his fellow G8 members at this weekend's conference on the grounds of having to deal with internal issues, faults protesters for the economic instability, but Yashin (who will be jailed for the next 10 days), lays the blame solely at the feet of the Russian ruler. carries the report filed by Bloomberg 's Russian correspondents.

After tearing down the original “Occupy Abai” camp in Chistiye Prudy section of the capitol, Occupiers relocated to an encampment near the US Embassy, but this camp too has been busted up by Putin's cops, according to the story.

Huffpost covers the intersection around the Earth Summit between Occupy's Tech Ops Group and environmental activists looking to put the Rio Plus 20 conference on the media map. Activists are mobilizing online and in the streets around a Southern Hemisphere's “people's assembly,” set to tackle issues of sustainable development under the rubrique “Occupy the Climate.”

Banker fat cats meeting at the ECB conference in Frankfurt are dealing with “Blockupy” as cleared protesters now attempt to block access to the conference. Many shops close in the financial district where the conference is being held, hanks to the occupiers or “the bridge” between yesterday's public Ascension holiday and the weekend.

Across the pond, on June 7, Occupiers plan a 2 week Pilgrimage for Justice from St. Paul's in London to the Canterbury Cathedral at the University of Kent. A church service will kick off a 3-day weekend conference on social, economic and environmental justice. The Occupiers say the march is intended to make a “highly visible public statement for a better, fairer society.”

Occupy the Farm, who took over Gill Tract in Albany to prevent UC-Berkeley from converting the land for private development has plenty of supporters, but an Alameda County judge goes ahead and issues a restraining order anyway.

The order blocks the occupiers from “entering, occupying or farming on the Gill Tract themselves, or helping others in any of those activities,” as part of the lawsuit filed by UC-Berkeley against the protesters. The Occupiers hope to change the judge's mind once their side of the dispute is presented. digs deeper into Occupy the Farm, linking it to global food and economic issues and the acceleration of privatization of public universities.

Finally , no one in the media pays much attention to Arkansas these days so how about a nod to Occupy Little Rock, one of the last encampments standing. The camp got evicted and 4 protesters were taken away, but it all sounds like a civil affair. The occupiers, who had been moved once before, drew about 50 community supporters who showed with coffee and doughnuts. Cops say occupiers' belongings will be treated respectfully and returned to them.