May 24, 2012 : Raided Occupy NATO Journalist : My Heart Was Racing


After the policy formulation, coordinated with DHS, was handed down by Bloomy to his “private army,” the NYPD followed orders, scooped OWSers off the streets, evicted them from encampments, and brought a host of charges. As noted, the cases typically go to court and are dismissed, thanks in large part to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). Occasionally, Occupy returns the favor.

Hence this morning's announcement of a lawsuit against NYPD and the city to recover $47,000 in damages for the books and computers destroyed by the cops as they raided the encampment last November, evicting both protesters and “the People's Library.”

Bloomy originally claimed OWS would get everything back, but the suit claims the books were either never returned, or else destroyed, along with several computers. Chicago Tribune

Business Insider digs in to the latest trove of declassified DHS documents that reveal the extent of national surveillance of Occupy and how they are still perceived as a threat. The documents highlight the role of so-called “Fusion Centers,” a network of “72 federally-funded information hubs run by the NOC, rais[ing] questions about the government’s expansive definition of “Homeland Security.”

Speaking of both surveillance and cop tactics, Occupy Los Angeles News documents the stopping and search at gunpoint of several citizen journalists, including nationally-recognized live streamer Tim Pool, whose indispensable updates and on the ground coverage have been mentioned in this space and elsewhere. Pool and others had their equipment attacked and damaged when the car they were traveling in was stopped by CPD. provides video (above)

With Occupy Harvard planning demonstrations at upcoming commencement in solidarity with their librarians, members of HUCTW, the Crimson offers a thorough and reasonably balanced assessment of the group's presence and actions on campus since Occupy activity began last fall.

A key question facing Occupy is how to “move on from the camps,” - determining the extent to which a visible daily street presence in the face of various challenges helps or hinders the overall goals of the group. Occupy Providence announces they'll be back for an interim 4 day occupation coinciding with the Netroots convention scheduled to take place in the city next month.

Occupy Tampa follows suit, kicking off a “5 day Occupy” downtown in front of the Bank of America building. Occupiers held signs reading “this country was built by men in denim and will be destroyed by men in suits.”

Occupy is often left with the choice to focus on fighting for public space and recognition or dedicating resources to specific community struggles. From the Left Coast, word of the formation of Occupy Sac County Supes as two occupy insurgent candidates jump into the election for Sacramento County Supervisor Board, which they claim is in bed with developers.

Seattle letter writer Monica Hill is on the money when she notes “most op-eds come from ponderous pundits telling us to tighten our belts.” Hence she appreciated the op-ed run by that urged Americans to “occupy their country like the Greek and the French.”

Huffpost reviews the current Hollywood hit The Avengers in the context of the Occupy era.

Finally, in the latest Volvo Ocean Race news, Groupama 4 has had to change course in light of a front, Franck Cammas and his men having had a “drastic change of heart” and are now gunning hard northwards, in the wake of the Spanish leaders.