May 25, 2012 : Writer Tells Black Bloc : Cut it Out, Oakland Stays Tense

Across the pond some con-tro-versy brewing over whether it was St. Paul's Cathedral or the Corporation of London who authorized police to clear the steps of Christians praying during the eviction of Occupy London on February 28. The Canon Pastor of St. Paul's, Michael Colclough, had maintained the city initiated the move, but the cops who did the removing now say that's not the

Add Occupy's “Freedom Fairy' to the list of protesters nation-wide who have had their cases tossed by local judges. Marni Halasa was allegedly impeding pedestrian traffic and was ticketed by NYPD. Halasa claimed she wanted the case to go further so she could publicly defend her First Amendment rights. Video taken by Live Streamer Tim Pool demonstrated that the officer who issued the summons lied in court. Occupy won two other cases this week, in addition to filing a destruction of property suit on behalf of the “People's Library.”

Christopher Caen in Huffpost critiques what he terms Occupy's "disruptive performance" at an Oakland City Council meeting, saying the group is close, so close, to being the change they want to see.

Caen is referring to the Tuesday meeting where Occupy shouted down the “proposed law that would ban shields, clubs and several other makeshift weapons from protests.”

On Wednesday, a “police information meeting” detailing the shooting of teenager Alan Blueford, also took place. As is often the case, the cops provide info that Blueford had a weapon, pointed it at them, and therefore they had no choice but to shoot him.

However, Occupy Oakland's Mike King notes a “long history of police brutality” and the“killing of unarmed black kids” in Oakland. As noted in this space, the shooting has caused outrage across the community.

While Occupy Oakland has been targeted by cops, and some say the group has been infiltrated, or in fact, actively supports, the infamous “black bloc,” who apparently posted a video showing themselves vandalizing a police car/station and various local businesses, while yelling anti-police slogans and being generally menacing. No doubt the activities shown here, whoever is committing them, provide justification for even more Oakland-style crackdowns , video above

Carl Gibson pens an eloquent letter to the bloc, urging them to "cut it out." And they really should, provided they are not part of overall surveillance/infiltration of Occupy, which after all, has historical antecedents. In which case, they will continue. Huffpost

Occupy Portland also ups the ante, where 12 are arrested for criminal trespass while they occupy the US Post office to shine light on and fight the recent USPS proposed closings in their community. also reports that Occupy Spokane has now moved into its own new headquarters, called The Clubhouse

Once more from the left coast, a group of activists and unionists take up the Occupy tactic and crash GOP Rep Dan Lungren's fundraiser at the “swank Sequoyah Country Club,” urging him to get back to Sacramento and represent the 99%.

One of Occupy's working groups has issued an “amicus brief” in support of Federal judge Jed Rakoff who tossed the SEC/Citigroup settlement of $285M on the grounds that it “neither confirms nor denies” the bank's wrong doing. Huffpost points out that, brief aside, the legal and financial community has already mobilized against Rakoff to overrule his judgment in rejecting the settlement.

Occupy's working groups consistently make hay on local issues, connecting with fellow residents and struggles, at times even achieving results.

Case in Point : Occupy Homes MN who continue to make news as 100 rally to successfully stave off Sheriff Richard Stanek and his planned eviction of the Cruz family. Occupy Homes says they had successfully negotiated a stay of execution with PNC Bank, which the Sheriff’s office ignored.

Out on the island, the Port Jefferson Patch catches up with protester Bill McNulty, 77, who defies the Occupier stereotype. McNulty outlines his reasons for sticking with Occupy to the Patch, who interview three members maintaining a presence at the corner of Main and East Broadway doing “informational picketing.”

Finally, your Volvo Ocean Race Update, Camper rockets to the lead mid-leg as Telefonica falters amidst light snare winds.

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