May 30, 2012 : Occupy Pushes Wage Rise, Introducing Lt. Dan, Taylor Michie

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Occupy Albany
shows up at the Capitol office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to push for a rise in the minimum wage, calling it shameful that 78% of New Yorkers say they support it but Skelos – who claims “you shouldn't govern by polls” - refuses to bring it to a vote. Occupy was told they had chosen the wrong day to confront Skelos, allegedly on Long Island at the time of the protest. They promised to be back when the reps are in session and deliver more action(s) on the issue.

File under : You Know You've Hit it Big When...While shares of Facebook may be plunging, that hasn't stopped the company RT from building the first Occupy Wall Street Facebook App. According to Marketwatch, the app enables visitors to “leave their mark and comments on the global stage through a virtual map of the New York financial market...any user can occupy his or her piece of real estate near Wall Street and downtown New York.” Can the NYPD be far behind?

Speaking of the cops and the recent attention given NATO arrests, readers of this space may be keen to read the blog of one Lt. Dan Marcou, who offers expert insight and commentary on the latest police tactics designed to protect America from Occupy, who he describes as the “leaderless movement who claim to despise power but ironically strive constantly to achieve it.”

Astute readers will sense the literary prowess of this decorated SWAT officer, and perusing his biography, will see it's no joke. According to, Lt. Dan is not only known for his innovations in Crowd Control, Defensive Tactics, Live Interactive Firearms Training, and the Five Phases of the Active Shooter, but is also an acclaimed novelist, the author of such works as S.W.A.T. Blue Knights in Black Armor and Nobody's Heroes.

Re: the NATO Summit, Lt. Dan's professional assessment is outstanding performance for a job well done. The police phalanx prevented the Occupiers from “over-running” and “devouring” the officers on the front-line. In addition batons were used effectively, says Lt. Dan, as police officers sent “a statement finally heard by the rest of the nation.”

From the same blog : the tale of Occupier Danny Johnson, 31,who spent a week in Cook County jail , waiting to post bail on charges of punching a police officer at the NATO rally. The occupier says he enjoyed his time in jail and spent the week conversing with fellow inmates about Occupy and its actions supporting those 99 percenters who are incarcerated.

Johnson, who appeared at his hearing in an inside-out “unf—k the world” t-shirt, said he never punched the officer and was grabbed off the sidewalk and mistreated. The charges have since been dismissed.

This space has noted that arrests are meant to clear the streets of protesters and have little chance for success in court. The Village Voice echoes this, noting that as hundreds of NYPD arrests make their way through the courts, prosecutors have yet to secure a conviction, as more and more cases are dismissed.

While mainstream pundits point to public space evictions and police crackdowns as marking the demise of Occupy (though everyone swarms to film police-protester confrontations), more perceptive commentators like Canada's trace the evolution of Canada's “casseroles,” the nightly street protests rocking Quebec province over education issues, to Occupy. The article includes some excellent street-level photos as well.

Similar issues simmer then boil over in the African country of Nigeria where students are occupying the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, and when we say Occupy we mean Nigerian-style. Tactics include praying in the street, standing on buses and generally blocking traffic to protest the naming of

Moshood Abiola University. Article, photos at

Also around the globe, internet spooksters Anonymous has called for pan-India 'Occupy' protests on June 9, a follow-up to their digital attacks on the BJP, the Supreme Court and several corporate websites. The tactics, which include a call for protesters to dawn Guy Fawkes masks at the protests, are in response to the blocking of several India sites by the nation's ISP providers.

Mainstream media and scribes love to paint Occupy as the spoiled brats who've never worked a day in their lives, dirty hippie-punk-anarchists who waste time trying to improve the world when they should just shut up and “get a job.” (Whether they are actually “working,” or not, is irrelevant.) The elders of Occupy St. Petersburg challenge this notion, saying gray hairs and those with canes and walkers are also part of the 99 percent.

According to organizer Lenny Flank, the Occupy St. Pete's Elders Group will be leading the charge against “too big to fail banks” with a rally outside the downtown BofA this Friday at 11:30 AM. The goal of the rally is to encourage fellow citizens to move their funds out of BofA and into smaller, community-based banks.

Says Flank, “Occupy is and has always been about the 99 percent, and of course seniors are very much part of that group and are well represented in the movement here in St. Petersburg.”

If Occupy is about the 99 percent, the world of sport ocean racing knows no such boundaries. Today a rare treat as we not only post links to the current leader board, still “occupied” by Abu Dhabi frantically trying to reach Lisbon ahead of rivals Groupama and Puma, but also a huffpost special report from 16 year old world traveler Taylor Michie, who provides direct reportage from on board Camper on its Miami stop-over. Michie writes that he “loves the Volvo Ocean Race and everything it stands for: adrenaline, speed, strength, strategy, and, most importantly, determination.”

The full gallery of images from his tour with Camper is also online here