May 31, 2012 : Chevron Activism, Arizona Prosecutor Stands Up for Occupy

Shareholder activism is a growing tactic for the 99% percent who have been Occupying board rooms and annual meetings. The latest company hit is Chevron, where several resolutions are filed at the company's annual board meeting, including one which attempts to separate the CEO from the board. Other cite the company's “risky business practices,” several of which are outlined by

In list format :

$22 billion for oil spills off the coast of Brazil

$18 billion for oil contamination in Ecuador

$3 million for gas explosions off the coast of Nigeria

$27 million for tax-dodging in Richmond

The site also mentions a lawsuit filed by The United Federation of Oil Workers (FUP), Brazil’s largest oil worker’s union, demanding that “all of Chevron’s oil and gas concession contracts in Brazil be canceled”

Chevron CEO John Watson admits in response, “we are not perfect,” and claims to want a “coherent Energy policy.”

As the company's machines plow through Earth fracking and blasting for gas and oil, a different kind of energy strategy is employed by DIY Revolt Labs, who develop portable solar chargers to help Occupiers on the move, providing needed juice for their cameras, laptops, and cell phones. A range of devices are available with the entry point considerably less than the Chevron tab : $.56 – fifty-six cents.

Cities :

The second big Occupy tactic : focusing on foreclosures. Occupy MN has been particularly adept. The group goes to bat for several families facing foreclosure by banks using “fraudulent, illegal practices,” according to organizer Nick Espinosa.

14 are arrested last night after 100 form a human chain to protect the Cruz home. Police say the occupiers broke into the foreclosed home using power tools and that they will have a statement later today.

Occupy MN says the police should arrest the bankers instead.

For some, no Occupy strategy is the right one. Andy Kelleher from Spartanburg urges Occupy to “look in the mirror, clean up, and get a job,” like starting at the bottom at one of the trades, saying “if your master’s degree is not working, learn to be a carpenter, welder, mechanic or other well-paid professional.”

According to a recent report, while the unemployment rate has fallen back to 8.8% in South Carolina from an earlier peak of 12% in 2009, the state has lost 2,600 jobs in the construction sector since April 2011. However the hospitality industry, which typically pays far less, is booming.

The Portland Press Herald catches up with Occupy Maine, who continue to meet regularly in Congress Park, every Wednesday and Saturday, now with a properly secured permit to discuss community issues and choose actions. All are welcome to come talk about their struggles, says Kara Oster, 20.

Cases against arrested Occupiers are nearly always dismissed, as the country's first amendment tends to carry greater weight than quickly sewn together camping bans and other municipal technicalities.

Further, Arizona takes grief on the national level for being host to various anti-immigrant initiatives and self-styled “law enforcers” like local Kingpin Sherrif Joe Arpaio.

So it's stunning when Occupy Phoenix wins a clear-cut victory as the “Phoenix 20” have their cases dismissed stemming from earlier charges of violating the peace and what not. City Prosecutor Aaron J. Carreon-Ainsa writes in the State's Motion to dismiss that “the State has no intention of limiting anyone’s constitutional rights.” The document also cites Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the 1773 Boston Tea Party, concluding that “protest is part of the fabric of our nation” and that “in Phoenix, the protesters were not violent.”

File under Trends to Watch : Much is made of police arrests, protester clashes, and the ensuing cases brought to trial, however an interesting counter-trend is Occupy mounting its own legal counter-attack. The Occupy People's Library suing the city of New York is one example. Now, the protesters who were rounded up and mistreated by U-Cal cops last November 9 are suing the California University system, seeking $15M in punitive damages and compensation for emotional distress. The suit was originally filed in November, but the damages have been added. Stay

Global :

John Robles, who has been covering occupy since its inception, provides a neat snapshot of Occupy movements around the globe, including Russia where he says there is no real Occupy movement as the movement has been hijacked by a subset of the 1% who simply disagree with Putin. Voice of Russia

Today's Volvo Ocean Race still has Abu Dhabi in front, though their lead, once a nearly insurmountable 17 nautical miles has shrunk to 0.4.

As the race closes in on Lisbon, news that Masterchefs Hospitality has secured the coveted Galway Ocean Race Contract, covering event hospitality and serving the business community at the Race

s “Global Village” next month when the yachts enter port.

Limerick Post notes that the key objective of the Global Village is to “create an environment conducive to connecting Irish businesses to the global market and in doing so create a legacy of ongoing business relations long after the Volvo Ocean Race is over.”

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