June 1, 2012 : Quebec Picks Up US Support; Introducing Occupy Rap Candidate

This Changes Everything : Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement consists of 84 pages and sixteen articles, said to be a largely self-congratulatory early history. The book is reviewed by recent VT Grad Avery Pittman at towardfreedom.org Pittman notes the book's lack of emphasis on international trade imbalances as a potential source for the current income disparities the movement addresses.

You know your movement or protest is making headway when the world's financial blogs take notice and chastise you for “not taking responsibility” being “leaderless,” and acting out “lawlessness.” Such is the panic the Quebec street protests provoke in blogger Larry Elkin, who gets worked up over the 100,000 who took to the streets May 22nd to celebrate their 100th day of protests.

You see, you're aimless if your movement is too broad, or supports too many issues, or is too inclusive of people. So while you claim to represent the 99%, you need to narrow your focus, get in the electoral game, play by the rules, and most of all stay off the streets, where you will be infringing upon the rights of others. However, if you do this, be warned, we will accuse you of shutting people out and representing a narrow, disenfranchised group of dirty/hippie/punk malcontents. Wallstreetpit.com

The only thing worse than street protests is street protests in solidarity with other street protests - which of course leads to more street protests. Or something like that. Occupy Denver supports the Quebec demonstrators today by launching their own series of rallies. According to Huffpost Occupy Denver will join forces with student protest groups Occupy Auraria, Occupy DU and Political Active Ztudents (PAZ). Organizer Tim Holland says they expect a large turn-out.

Occupy Wall Street launched its own solidarity protest with the Quebec students, banging pots and pans from Washington Park up to Times Square, before stopping in front of the Quebec government's office at Rockefeller Center. Wagingnonviolence.org

At least one Occupier, George Martinez has heeded establishment advice to “play by the rules” and run for office. Martinez, a candidate for New York's newly drawn 7th U.S. Congressional District, says he is not accepting any corporate money – his campaign has raised $6,000 so far – and he “challenges any candidate to a rap battle.” Readers interested in the candidate's position on the issues, as well as gauging his rap prowess, are encouraged to view his “Occupy 2.0 All Streets, Bum Rush the Vote,” video, above, shot during Occupy Wall Street’s May Day marches. Dnainfo.com

Lawyer / K Street Lobbyist Makes Good : NY Times runs a profile on former corporate attorney and now financial crusader/reformer Dennis Kelleher who heads Better Markets, a non-profit group advocating for transparency and better regulation of financial markets. Kelleher says the banks are itching to wreck the economy if we let them and their PR machine and teams of lobbyists are devoted to ensuring the industry will never be placed under the kind of regulation that laws like Dodd-Frank only hint at.

Speaking of legal wranglings, we've pointed out that Occupy arrests were largely meant to clear the streets, not enforce laws or protect the public safety. New York Magazine delves into this phenomenon, speaking with occupy attorney Norman Siegel.

Much has been made of NYPD and Fed surveillance of Occupy. Another case heating up is that of Occupier Malcolm Harris whose Twitter account was subpoenaed by the Manhattan DA. The case revolves around the legal contention that the user or poster of internet content (in this case tweets) is ultimately responsible for their content, not the company or service through which they post. As such the case has sweeping privacy and free speech implications.

In the latest round, the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Public Citizen, Inc. file a motion to ask that the court support Harris' right to resist the subpoena by removing Twitter from the equation entirely. Reuters.com

Volvo Ocean Race Update : Leg 7 is history with Abu Dhabi scoring its first leg win, holding off Groupama as the yachts made Lisbon last night. The lead dwindled to as little as 400 meters during what Abu Dhabi skipper Ian Walker termed “one of the most amazing experiences of my sailing career.” telegraph.co.uk