June 11, 2012 : Berrigan, Packard : Priests Belong with the 99%

This space previously mentioned Bishop George Packard, the former US Army Lieutenant who says supporting Occupy is well, only Christian. Packard and fellow Occupiers appear in court Monday to answer charges that they broke into the parking lot of the Trinity Church in December 2011. The church says it supports the message of Occupy and will forgive the trespass, but Packard is determined to spread the word and chastise the church for refusing the occupiers sanctuary. Amny.com

Berrigan lauded the presence of Occupy and noted that the only way to achieve change is by being in the streets. The priest said he drew on the inspiration of his own mentors, Dr. Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, and his brother Philip, all passed on. Author and reporter Chris Hedges draws a stark contrast between the life choices of Berrigan, who lives simply, and Dr. James Cooper, the rector of the Trinity Church whose $1.3M salary and cushy digs easily make him part of the 1%.

"All we have is one another to sustain us," [Berrigan tells Hedges] "Community is not magical. It means people are willing to be human beings together. And it means they are willing to pay the price for being human." truthout.org


Father Daniel Berrigan in 2006, addressing rally (wiki)

Father Berrigan in Liberty Park, Friday June 7, 2012
(photo: Chris Hedges)

Finally, Leg 8 kicks off with Groupama coming off strong out of the blocks bymnews However they remain behind front-runners PUMA, powered by Berg blogs.sun-sentinel.com

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