June 17, 2012 : George Martinez Hits The Streets, Police Tools and Techniques, Fracking

Fracking, or resistance to it, emerges as a key organizing tenant as various occupies across the US support anti-fracking initiatives. Occupy Raleigh demonstrates tonight outside Governor Beverly Purdue's Executive Mansion at 6PM to urge her to veto a bill that will allow the practice in North Carolina. Digtriad.com

Chapelboro.com carries an editorial from concerned citizen Heidi Zehnal, who provides evidence attempting to sway residents and the governor to support the call for a veto.

Temporary good news for those residents and communities unable to fend off such initiatives, the latest report says that fracking poses no elevated earthquake risk. Insurancejournal.com

New York awaits a decision on the practice as Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state will have to decide if it will permit the drilling in Marcellus Shale, which would involve the state legally challenging the New York communities who have passed laws banning the practice. Bizjournals.com/buffalo

As we know, assesments differ re : the prospect of Occupy causing similar tremors in the American political system. Chris Hedges, scribe provacateur, assures readers Occupy will be back. Hedges claims that while obituaries about the movement may be very much in vogue, the next groundswell will come and with it, the requisite media exclamations of surprise Truthdig

For cops, turn-about is fair play as they increasingly employ high-tech tools on demonstrators who threaten the peace, and by extension, them. This space has focused recently on the simmering tensions between the Oakland Police department and the community. However, enterprising former Oakland cop Steve Lovell is using his extensive in-field experience to provide cops vest-mounted cameras whch are roughly twice the size of an iPod nano, capable of filming protesters tossing rocks and other debris, to be used in court cases as evidence and justify police tactics.

A complete slideshow featuring the latest police data techniques and gadgets is featured, including the previously mentioned cameras, long-range acoustic devices, and “drones that see into your house.” networkworld.com

Police-DHS logic runs like this : infiltrate groups, foment plots, focus on the most vulnerable and susceptible and encourage them to act up in various ways, bust them and then provide the high-tech evidence in court. Black blocs and other agitators will be wise to take heed. Networkworld.com

Combined with constant rounds of budget cuts to public services, and the domestic opportunity to negotiate lucractive deals to police communities in the absence of public funding or control, the business prospects appear bright for enterprising technologists and private security firms.

More press this morning for would-be Brooklyn Congressman George Martinez, the Hip Hop Ambassador who plans to rap is way into office, with a helpful hand from the missus.Martinez is featured on the cover of the Voice this week Villagevoice.com

Martinez' candidacy, as may be expected, is not entirely welcomed by certain corners of the Occupy Movement who continue to maintain theier independence and aversion to current American electoral politics where money is king. However, next gen blogger Cody Brotter takes the dissidents on directly and urges them to follow the example of the tea Party, who have achieved electoral success with 45 different congresional reps that must hew to their agenda.

According to Brotter, citing recent comments by Bill Maher, “pragmatism and practicality should come in the form of drafting candidates for office, registering voters to vote for those candidates, 'canvassing neighborhoods,' 'manning phone banks,' and yes, Maher added, 'raising money.'” nextgenjournal.com

Other Occupiers embrace electoral strategies that pay dividends, literally. Burlington Occupy activist Eric Davis achieves a seat on the Board of the Vermont Credit Union, voted in by a majority of the membership. Cutimes.com

Finally, an Alameda County judge who presided over the cases of arrested Occupiers through-out 2011 and 2012 has been accused of defrauding an elederly neighbor. Alameda County Judge Paul Seeman, 57, of Berkeley , has been ordered to return to court on July 3rd.

As it turns out, Seeman's first day in court takes place as Occupiers are there to support fellow protesters in court. Naturally, they shower him with abuse and profanities.

An occupier speaks to sfgate.com saying "it takes a special kind of human being to one, defraud elderly people, two, to defraud your neighbors.”

Seeman is accused of befriending then betraying a 97 year-old neighbor by assuming power of attorney then allegedly selling off her art and other possesions while barring her from her house while she lived in a hotel.

On to happier topics, as the Volvo Ocean Race has concluded Leg 8 sailworld.com, Galway braces for the yachts arrival. The Galway government is saying that the community itself must raise 100,000 Euros to be able to access the total 20,000 in the city fund designated for the event. Galway Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames, on behalf of Let's Do It Galway, urges the community on, saying “Galway will be front and center on the world stage, drawing crowd of thousands during the event and being aired to billions worldwide.”

Occupy Galway itself was raided in May to make way for the race.