June 25, 2012 : Latest Poll Numbers; Prez May Face Occupy Protest

Seven points. That, according to latest polls, is what the recent spate of (anti) Occupy coverage has netted the 1 percent. While the headline bears the usual is Occupy Still Relevant stamp, the article featured in Marketwatch mentions poll figures released by ORC International, who interview “1005 adults by telephone from June 9-11” and finds that 30% of respondents still agree with Occupy's focus on inequality, but the percentage who disagree with (tactics? Message? it's unclear) has risen by seven percentage points. When this space contacted the poller, we were told the methodology was to only call land-lines, not cell, a potential difference maker, according to Christina Hungspruke at ORC, which does polling for CNN.

Letter writer Linda Riley of Chula Vista says it's not Occupy's message but tactics that have reduced the group's profile. She wants Occupy to be more law-abiding and not tie up police resources with disruptive actions that create a “dangerous environment.” Utsandiego.com

Riley touches at the core of questions that at times divide the movement itself, in all its flavors, and have been raised in the United States since its beginning ..to camp or not to camp? Occupy or not Occupy ? To what extent to obey/disobey authority when it's rule is questioned?

Gay activists and demonstrators hit the streets across  US cities over the weekend to flex muscle, literally, and show pride. Some pride parades are crashed by OccuPride, who shake up the festivities and shout  "Community not Commodity,"  (above) calling attention to the financial corporate misdeeds of some of the movement's backers.

Meanwhile, the Occupy Caravan rolls on, stopping in Asheville where they receive a warm if subdued welcome. The caravan makes a few last stops before arriving at the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia to discuss next steps. Asheville Citizen-Times

Continental Congress 2.0 is scheduled to take place side by side. No word yet on how/whether the two plan to connect, if at all. 2.0 has received no official endorsement from Occupy and its credentials and processes have been the subject of criticism

The President travels north today for a fund-raiser at Boston's Symphony Hall but he'll be greeted by more than the party faithful. Occupy Boston plans to protest drone wars and kill lists, though they'll be outside the hall on Mass ave, dealing with ongoing thunder storms. Boston.com

Inside the hall, attendees are said to pay from $250-$10,000 a seat to hear the President speak (though the college-age staffers and supporters get by with $144, supposedly). The tab runs a bit higher at posh Hammersley's though, where supporters paid $40k for a chance to dine with the Prez. Boston Herald

Global :

A few time zones East, an Indian legislator invokes the Occupy name (brand?) in calling for rural farmers to resist the planned for land acquisition in Singur region. A 2011 law rescinding the grant of the rural land to mega-steel giant Tata for its Nano auto-factory has been struck down by India's high court, leading the legislator to call for “Occupy Singur.

CPI-M lawmaker Abdur Rezzak Mollah says rural farmers dispossessed by the land grab face poverty and hunger, and should either be allowed to cultivate their land inside the factory's grounds or on a fertile alternative plot outside the gates. Nydailynews.com

Hong Kong, Dateline June 25, 2012 : The protesters of Occupy Central say they have no plans to leave the ground floor of the HSBC complex, where they are attempting to “create a community space for discussion and sharing of the group’s ideals” according to their facebook page. HSBC has sought an eviction order to remove the protesters from the premises. Bloomberg

In London over the weekend, the house of artist Arnish Kapoor, who designed the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower for the Olympics, has been occupied. Kapoor has allegedly left the house vacant at 1-2 Lincoln's Inn Fields Ltd, since it was purchased in 2009, so occupiers moved in.

The occupation is calling itself Bread and Circuses, in an attempt to call attention to the British Government using the Olympics as a “weapon of mass distraction” from more pressing issues, such as oh, austerity measures and the global economic crisis. The group plans to hold its own artistic events and discussions at the five story house, and may be followed at @12_Bread_Circus

Along similar lines, today's Volvo Ocean Race Update : All eyes turn to Galway where the city expects up to 850,000 visitors (!) for the race finale said to be worth 80M Euros to the struggling economy. A massive fireworks display is planned for the yachts as they race into port on the last leg of the world-wide race, from Lorient, France to Galway. Event co-ordinators Let's Do It Global believe the event “will break even”, with a total budget of €10.5m. Irishindependent.com