June 27, 2012 : Steam Gathers for Philly Convention; Introducing Occupy Belo Monte

More and more blogosphere attention shines on this weekend's upcoming national gathering. Gather.com says the weekend won't be a turning point as much a s reiteration of Occupy's basic message, that “banks need to stop reaming their customers and the 1% need to pay their share,” sentiments most Americans will likely say amen to.

Occupy New Haven plans to spearhead a New England contingent of 40-100, beginning the trip by meeting on the New Haven green (the same one from which they were evicted back in April) where they feature an “underwater mortgage action” at 5 pm Thursday to highlight the plight of foreclosed homeowners, followed by a talk at 7 pm by Mark Naison, professor of History at Fordham University who will give a talk on the radical transitions of the past and how they will help Occupy confront present day challenges. New Haven Register

An (if not the) Occupy Caravan coming from the Northeast of the country will arrive in Hartford, CT at 1 pm on Thursday June 28 before leaving to meet up with the Occupiers at New Haven green. The Caravan will then move South with a pit stop in Newark before heading toward Philly to meet the gathering. Tomorrow's Hartford meeting is scheduled for 1PM in Colt Park. Hartford Guardian

Already logistics for the gathering are shaping up to be a challenge with high heat expected to take a toll on the Occupiers. Calls have gone out for basic supplies to aid the activists, whose numbers may climb as the week long conference goes on over the weekend and until July 4th. Examiner.com

No word yet if Occupy Albany will be joining in. The group allegedly cost the city of Albany 91k in overtime pay for cops. By and large, Albany has taken a permissive attitude toward its occupation(s). wnyt.com

Meanwhile Occupy Portland has filed a discovery-type motion to obtain the cops records detailing their actions against the group. While a judge has ruled the records must be handed over, so far they haven't. According to the ruling, cops would have to turn over “video footage, notes, and information on arrests—including data collected by any undercover officers.” Until it is, the court cases against 60 protesters remain in limbo, with defense attorneys insisting no trial date should be set without them. Portland Mercury

Writer Tracy Turner attempts to situate occupy in the context of broader political and economic struggles for the dignity and rights of workers in the United States, through out the last century. Turner says what is needed is to Occupy Oligarchy and Plutocracy, and in particular the corporate media, who wish to mislead about the role and rise of Occupy. Opednews.com

Much has been written about the toll that occupations nation-wide took on the various greens, lawns, and public parks where they set up shop. Word comes from Pittsburgh that Bank of New York Mellon plans to rehab Pittsburgh's Mellon green at allegedly no cost to the tax-payer. Greedy bank makes good, right? Not so fast. The adding of “gates, chains and an undulating landscaped surface [will] deter anyone from trying to resurrect “The People’s Park.”' triblive.com

Global :

When occupations take place overseas , or South of the border, they seem to take on epic proportions (think Egypt, Moscow). Word from Brazil that 150 indigenous people are occupying the Pimental construction site where the massive Belo Monte hydro-electric dam across the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon is planned. The activists demand “demarcation of their lands, the expulsion of invaders, an improved health system and running water,” and are waiting to meet with the head of the Norte Energia consortium, which is leading the project. Phys.org


Finally, he's probably not referring to this space, which has been anything but unfair in its daily coverage, but Enda O'Coineen of Let's Do it Global, the group responsible for bringing the Volvo Ocean Race to Galway, takes to print to lambast the "unfair sniping" the race has gotten, in particular a  piece by satirist Miriam Lord, who feels the 4.5M Euro tax-payer splurge on a VIP lounge created for the race, in such times of global austerity, may be a tad...excessive. O'Coineen tells the Irish Times that the attack is "unfair, unwarranted and misunderstood." afloat.com