June 28, 2012 : Questions Abound, Does Occupy have Answers? Introducing Bill Davidow

They are the target of Occupy, and now they make their first cameo n the comic Archer and Armstrong, as a group of arch-villains called “The One Percent” who the teen heroes must take on. The characterization shows the villains running a secret cabal in the bowels of Wall Street, risking human lives and the fate of civilization itself in their pursuit of riches.

According to the strip's creator, writer Fred Van Lente, "in later issues [Archer and Armstrong] will fight ninja nuns beneath the Vatican Library and learn the secret connection between Nazi occultists and Tibetan monks...so claiming that the American financial markets are secretly controlled by a Masonic cult of devil-worshippers sacrificing the homeless to the New Testament demon Mammon beneath the NYSE wasn't really that big of a stretch." seattletimes.nwsource.com

George Martinez, the “hip hop diplomat” who ran for congress in Brooklyn's new 7th congressional district ends up getting pounded by 20 year House veteran Nydia Velazquez, with less than 3 percent of the vote. Still Martinez who hoped to embody a new type of DIY neighborhood politics, remains optimistic, saying he got three percent of the vote while raising less than 1 percent of the victor's campaign funds. Nymag.com

Occupy continues to use the Fourth as a time to celebrate America's (and Occupy's) independence. Occupy Austin will gather on the city State Capitol steps to rally and plan a day of teach-ins, using the day to answer the questions what is Occupy and what's next. Adam Wasch provides a complete overview of what to expect. Austinchronicle.com

Questions about the future of Occupy and its ability to connect, again, with the larger American public, stand front and center heading into the Philly National Gathering and the upcoming holiday week. While mainstream media primarily wouldn't mind seeing Occupy disappear entirely – as it creates too many issues for their news and business models – the more balanced (and nuanced) socialistalternative asks “What Happened to Occupy” offering a real-time assessment of where things are at and what demands and actions need to be formulated.

Still, while more questions than answers abound currently, certain realities abide - every city seems to have its own occupy and the group's sentiments about the political and economic deterioration of American life seem widely shared. Some even continue to camp, such as Occupy Honolulu who make a past time of skirting the city's anti-public storage laws, and have been rousted for approximately the 25th time by authorities, always to return now running 235 days. The group says people need to wake up and “ start caring about humanity.” hawaiinewsnow.com

Occupy Tampa is named in a petition submitted by area businesses close to the downtown park where the group gathers. The petitioners want the group gone, saying the protest has turned into a squat that is keeping customers away. Baynews9.com

While many Occupies nation-wide focus on protecting area residents from predatory lenders and standing up for the homeless and unemployed, technologist and long-time Venture entrepreneur Bill Davidow urges tech users to Occupy Silicon Valley. An electrical engineer with a PhD from Stanford, Davidow pens an essay in The Atlantic that takes on high-flying tech companies' disregard for privacy, and willingness to exploit its customers, not unlike, he says “the bankers who sold sub prime mortgages to naive consumers. “ The primary goal of the innovative technologist should be to serve customers, he says Theatlantic.com

Finally, the most productive occupations simply take matters into their own hands. If Wall St. trades and big bank choke holds on customers and the global economy have you down, why not try Freicoin, proposed to be the alternative currency of the 99%? Invented by NASA engineers Mark Friedenbach and Matt Everingham and photographer Aaron Blumenshine, the system ties account balances to a peer to peer commercial exchange software/network, that allows users to exchange goods and services while charging an annual percentage for use, while at the same time promoting outcomes favorable to the 99% newscientist.com

Volvo Ocean Race update : with yachts idle until next week's sprint to Galway, the racing world turns to introspection...and innovation. Specifically, concerns over the limited number of entrants participating in this year's race. To raise participation levels and be more inclusive, new plans to introduce a fleet of identical 65 foot monohulls, designed to be equal in performance and reliability. The new yachts are expected to be more affordable for would be entrants - priced around €4.5m, around €1m less than their current versions. Race organizers are seeking to help lower the overall cost to compete, currently estimated at approximately €30m. Telegraph.co.uk