July 5th : Back to the Cities as Occupy NG Wraps

With meetings wrapped up and a brighter future mapped, Occupy heads North from Philly, at least the Guitarmy does, with sometimes rocker/activist and ex-Rage Against the Machine maestro Tom Morello at its head. Morello in his Rage salad days are featured in the video above. Details on the march are at philly.com, blogger and tweeter Dustin Slaughter offers a broadcast (on occasion) of the live event via ustream

Occupiers teem with tourists in Philly, using the nation's birthday to celebrate the Declaration of Independence and work in small groups to begin the process of presenting specific demands the media claim they want, and deciding how to work towards them collectively before beginning a parade style march to the town center. Beaumontenterprise.com

Occupiers make history as they go. However, with large gatherings the inevitable need for climax and conclusion to the day's narrative can leave cops and demonstrators into ongoing face-offs. Sorta like suiting up for the big game and staying on the bench. Multiple reports of cops herding the demonstrators off, but conflicting reports on arrest totals – maybe two in addition to the 26 rounded up Sunday and now making their way through the legal grind.

Cop tactics dictate occupiers are best kept from the community at large – forgetting of course that they are the community at large – and so seek to restrict flow of movement during parades and demonstrations. To deal with this, some occupiers groups now demand secrecy as ustreamers and cameras are asked to leave some of the groups planning tactical maneuvers

It may be tough for some Occupy visionaries to see it but the devil is always in the details and the work that needs to be done to “re-organize for a more democratic society” is tedious and long. Will Occupy stick with it, can they broaden their appeal?

The challenge is to get beyond the “We Want the World and We Want it Now” mentality, easily lampooned by media elites, and non-appealing to disgruntled workers who feel they don't have time to join working groups in the baking heat during a midweek holiday.

As such, the National Gathering ideas that pop into the twitter-sphere are long on proclamation and perhaps, necessarily, short on details. Likely they need to be worked out locally.

OWS tweets out the following as the convention nears to a close:

End Police intimidation”

Law must stop all wrong actions” [sic]

We work 4 social equality, the transformation & abolition of oppressive institutions, & the democratization of society”

"Honor the treaties and sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples everywhere"

"Democratize technology through #OpenSource software"

"Horizontalism in all economic, labor, political & social structures"

They want to call it Interdependence Day

sleeping out in solidarity with locked out Local 1-2 workers. Bring sleeping bags! 14th St & Irving Pl

Julia Zauzmer shows up and calls the process “messy.” No doubt the Founding Fathers, searching to convince the citizens of early America of the need for unified, republican federal government agreed. Philly.com

Some express appreciation : Thank you for standing up for us! tweets one who can't make it to the Wednesday rally.

Ubiquitous live streams ran through-out the day, showing mostly milling about, spliced with group feeds as meetings and teach-ins proceed in the background Participants predictably endure heat; from the July sun and the cops, who are augmented by the US counter-terrorist specialists, no doubt there to hold the fort in the face of code pinkers and the Grannies for Peace Brigade, not to mention young punkers and earth hippies, all deemed a threat to the status-quo.

Back in the cities, movement continues as diverse Occupies and General Assemblies vote and act on their own community issues :

Occupy Boston passes as a series of resolutions, endorsing a day of action on September 17, with the intention to “shut down the financial district.” Occupy is still mastering the notion of “under-promise, over-deliver.” Occupy Boston also announces OB Boston Radio, featuring live interviews with and updates on all things Occupy. The station is available at occupyboston.org/radio and is seeking guests.

Occupy Austin causes a mini-ruckus when a sole demonstrator erects a tent, bringing heat. The problems with camping are manifest in this video, fed through on yesterday's live stream.

Occupy Oakland's encampment meets with a similar fate as the party is crashed by authorities who invade Lakeland Elementary school, true to form, with a 4AM wake-up call to a group described as “parents, teachers, and tutors.” huffpost

In Steamy New York, OWS moves to support a tenant rent strike on Brooklyn's Sunset Park, telling the landlord the building is occupied until the tenants get heat and hot water, a somewhat decontextualized demands during the current heat wave. The lack of electricity however leaves them broiling. Support for tenants and foreclosed home-owners remains a key pillar of occupy's actions.

Finally, During national holiday weeks like July 4th, with the holiday falling mid-week, the one percent like to vacate the cities and head for cooler temperatures, where they no doubt have access to a summer home.Who can begrudge this?

But it's possible the 99% - those who live paycheck to paycheck - would enjoy similar relaxation and recuperation from their increasingly demanding jobs. A new survey from staffing service OfficeTeam shows that summer Fridays and a flexible work schedule were the most desired summer benefits. Forty-one percent of those surveyed say a flexible schedule was most important to them, while 28 percent wanted to leave early on Fridays payscale.com

However, such time off may not be forthcoming, even if Americans are offered (the United States is nearly alone among industrialized countries in not mandating paid time off) they may be too scared to take it cnn money