July 9, 2012 : Occupy Hits the Hamptons, Robert Pattinson Change of Heart

Summer's here, and the time is right for dancing (fighting?) in the streets...or crashing a multi-million dollar Super PAC party in the Hamptons. Such is the case for the occupiers that show up at a Mitt bash thrown by fellow high-roller and Knight of the One Percent, David Koch. The PAC party-crashers make it to the sandy edge of Koch's ultra-private beachfront summer manse before being met by a bevy of secret service and security agents. Occupy chronologist Natasha Lennard gives details at Salon

File under : who woulda thought : Long-time “conservative” daily Boston Herald running analysis like that offered up by Luigi Zingales, professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, itself the former home of Reaganomics and laissez-faire guru Milton Friedman, the very economist upon whose hallowed reputation the school was practically built on. And oh yeah, the Chicago Boys.

Zingales observes the lack of vanguard embrace from establishment political candidates for President, saying occupy and the tea party exist as mere “echoes” in the current campaign. While that may be debatable, Zingales' main focus is on so-called “crony-capitalism” in which a perceived elite bail out and reward each other, regardless of merit, earning the ire of common folk. His new book urges “A Capitalism for the People: Recapturing the Lost Genius of American Prosperity.Boston Herald

File Under, Part 2 : when in doubt, occupy : this space devoted significant paragraphs to Occupy the Farm, the occupation taking place in Albany , CA on UC-Berkeley owned Gill Tract, eventually broken up by the university and its cops. Well, they're back...reports that a group essentially broke past the chain-link fence to harvest 50 pounds of cucumbers and 75 of squash. The activists claim the university is not taking care of the crops if they are left unharvested.

A spokesman says the University will “continue to monitor the situation.” Occupy the Farmers plan to attend tonight's Albany city council meeting where next steps for the the land are to be discussed. Contracostatimes.com

The eulogize occupy card is one the US media plays every so often, primarily because they lack real reporting on it. Today Irish-American/American-Irish wag Alexander Cockburn gets in on the act, boxing in occupy defenders who “have written complicated pieces trying to prove it's not over” then, providing a kick for good measure : “if ever I saw a dead movement, it is surely Occupy.” inthesetimes.com

Admittedly, Occupy can be a moving target. Ben Vitelli runs the other way and says reports of death are greatly exaggerated, providing strong analysis of how and why coverage is where it's at Guardian UK

Oh and forget everything we just said about the US media (they're an EASY target) as Justin George turns in an excellent reporting on Occupy Tampa's dust-up with neighbors, who petition to remove the group from their Main St. Plaza. George says problems are the same down South as at any occupy, i.e. “fights, drunks, and garbage,” which sounds like a good working title for the upcoming Occupy punk rock CD. George also digs deeper and notes the contributions the occupiers have made as well as the origins of the ongoing dispute. Tampa Bay Times

Now wait just a second. Is this Robert Pattinson who says he sympathizes with occupy the same guy who not more than four weeks ago was slamming the “hypocrisy” of occupy guest celebs who “don't want to be seen driving their free Audis?” Four weeks in Hollywood is a lifetime for the rest of us. Pattinson now reports that the class sentiments in his latest project, entitled Cosmopolis (in which he plays a wealthy tycoon) are more representative of his world-view, and that he agrees with occupy's message. The coming of age is timely for the actor who admits confusion over, er, capitalism :

The whole financial world makes no sense to me. Only then when everything goes wrong. Because their categories are absolutely absurd, it’s based only on illusions. Why should Facebook suddenly be worth over $100 billion?” he says. Wirtschaftswoche, courtesy of theimproper.com

Finally, Bishop George Packard says good catholics belong in the streets, or in jail, supporting occupy, not just in the church or rectory. In response a new Facebook page emerges for Occupy Catholics, a group that says the voice of “ordinary Catholics” is going unheard in the Church. The group declares they represent “the 99%, made in God's image, seeking God's justice.” Amen. Ncronline.com