July 11, 2012 : Oakland City Councilors May Work with Occupy, Brecher on the 99%

Tragic story : Julliard student Sarah Fox is found murdered in 2004 after disappearing while on a spring run. Nearly 8 years later, headlines trumpet “DNA Said to Link Occupy Wall St. Protest and 2004 Killing,” which for most will read “Occupy Wall St. linked to 2004 killing.” It's a not-so-subtle tactic. Do the facts matter? The DNA trace could have come from anywhere, friend or killer. It matches the DNA found on the victim's CD player. Is it possible the killer touched the CD player and was present at the March 2012 Occupy action the trace was retrieved from? Of course. Equally possible that the touch or match is coincidental. But hey, if you can possibly suggest in mainstream outlets that occupiers are responsible for a crime that took place nearly a decade before they existed, why not. NY Times

The DNA element could have come from any subway passenger who made contact with the chain that the trace was retrieved from Village Voice

Expect the more-pronounced anti-occupation outlets to have a field day. National Review skips (or glorifies) the messy details, blurting simply “Occupy Tied to Murderer.”

Cities :

File under : what he said - Occupy Oakland takes on the vassals at Goldman Sachs, as city councilors vote 7-0 to cease doing business with the firm unless it terminates the swap agreement now costing the city dearly. At the time the investments were proposed, like so many others, as “safe vehicles” to protect the city's investments and preserve its infrastructure for the future. Now, with the city struggling to provide basic services, it wants out.

An Oakland resident confronts Goldman CEO Blankfein on the matter at a recent shareholder's meeting, saying the issue is “[one]of morality.”

Lord Blankfein disagrees, calling the matter “an interest of shareholder assets. The fact of the matter is we’re a bank.Councilors issue a statement saying Oakland will use “all good faith efforts” at its disposal should Goldman refuse, including working with an Occupy Wall Street sponsored group.

Halah Touryalai has exceptional coverage, and the financial details Forbes

The situation is potentially much bigger, with the slew of municipalities hurt by such interest rate swap deals. Put in (if possible) plain English : in light of the recent LIBOR scandal, did banks and interested financial parties who stood to profit from rate movements collude to promote such outcomes?? If so, good luck proving it.

Voice of America carries interviews and reportage of the activist rapper phenomenon as some of the world's hip hop artists, such as El General (video above) ,turn away from tales of gun violence, druggin, and 'thug lovin' toward Arab Spring and OWS inspired-themes of popular activism and justice.

There may not be much camping go on these days, but occupiers in Eugene are preparing to face down authorities who intend to roust them from the city's downtown area. Since it’s in front of a GSA building they'll be dealing with federal cops (in addition to whatever heat the city brings). Some occupiers intend to be led away in handcuffs in symbolic protest.

Meanwhile, Seattle occupiers have bigger problems. Cops raid an apartment said to house 4 suspected of vandalism during the city's May Day protests. Occupy Seattle says detectives bring the 6 AM wake-up call by throwing a stun grenade, which features a “loud bang and bright lights to disorient the senses.” seattletimes.com

Other accounts say no arrests, with the cops showing warrants for “anarchist materials.” inewp.com

Bettina Hansen has on the ground coverage and pics at the hashtag

Advocating for/protecting victims from foreclosure is a dedicated Occupy community activity. Occupy Marin mobilizes to protect John Graybill and Patricia Goff from Wells Fargo, who pursue foreclosure even as they purport to be working toward a settlement with the couple, a practice euphemistically known as “dual tracking.” The judge grants a two week stay of eviction, but both the bank and the occupiers are gearing up for Round 2, stay tuned. Millvalley.patch.com

Finally Jeremy Brecher checks in with a comprehensive essay on how Occupy relates to the overall 99% , saying it both “embodies and interpenetrates” (yowsa!) the 99%, largely a group of, let's face it, debtors. Which is another way of saying “citizens caught up in various bank schemes,” a large group if not exactly the whole. Thenation.com

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