July 17, 2012 : NYPD Busts Occupy Knitting Grandmother Ring, and More!

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This space mentioned that Occupy Central (Hong Kong) could soon get the boot after HSBC Holdings goes to court to request an eviction. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for August 13th

Today NY Times jumps into the fray and publishes some interesting factoids about HK. Facts which may have led to the occupation. For those not already in the know :

The city is home to more billionaires than popularly elected legislators.

It has more Cartier, Gucci, Hermès and Louis Vuitton boutiques than Hong Kong Island has hospitals or post offices.

Bank branches outnumber Buddhist and Taoist temples by more than two to one.

In Hong Kong, if you don’t follow the rules set by big corporations and big capitalism, you just cannot survive,” says Tiv Wong, a young publishing industry freelancer who has been active in the Occupy movement.

LAPD's beat down response to chalk drawings by occupy at ArtWalk is so over the top that even bell-weather media pubs like LA Times step back and scratch their head. Days after they run vids of reporters quoting police as administering punishment “for the good of the people,” they back-track and run “Sandy Banks “who claims to “have [had[a hard time understanding how chalk drawings sparked a violent melee last week at one of the city's most popular cultural events.”

According to Banks“This [isn't] really about chalk... it's a the reflection of a power struggle; a ongoing clash whose combatants can't be neatly defined by the 1% vs. 99% formula.

Occupy L.A. sees it as a war between rich and poor. The LAPD says it's between anarchy and law and order.”

Still, we've got to believe ArtWalk riots are bad for business and tourism.

NYPD coordination with DHS and the massive uptick in surveillance of all Americans provokes protest from occupiers and civil libertarians alike. However in this case the effort pays unexpectedly huge dividends as Captain Lombardo of NYPD cracks Occupy's latest ruse, the “Retake Public Space with Knitting Grandmothers” strategy.

Sparking NYPD's interest is a violation of an apparent new rule barring “chairs in the park,” by a 56 year old grandmother of 5 who has been there every day since September. The arrest takes place at the end of an Occupy march, which could only have further heightened suspicion. Captain Lombardo keeps his cool, braving throngs of Occupiers who had amassed near the park to gently escort the shaking woman away from a feisty crowd who, as usual, rain down outrage and abuse.

That's a new low Lombardo” cries one onlooker clearly not understanding what was afoot (video above) blogs.nytimes.org

For it's part, NYPD may take heart and add this most stunning success to their latest winning streak at cracking tough cases, public cynicism be damned. Npr.org

Nice Try Lady ...knitting grandmother (Occupy plant) Marsha Spencer Photo by Rebecca Davis/News

Portland Occupier Justin James Bridges, 29, is in no mood to hear about cop heroics. He files a federal lawsuit against Portland PD for injuring him in a demonstration last fall after he fell and requested medical assistance. The police quickly responded, according to the suit, by “dragg[ing] him across a street, chok[ing] him with his bandana and beat[ing] him with "repeated baton strikes." oregonlive.com

And don't lecture Eric Davis or Occupy Vermont about the movement “waning”; they didn't get the message as the group gets Davis elected to the board of their local credit union. Vermont Federal Credit Union CEO Bernie Isabelle is, predictably, less than enthused. Vpr.net

What's in a word, especially the word Occupy? A recent Israeli judicial panel determines that the state has not been occupying the, er, occupied territories all this time, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's panel asserts that the Jewish settlements and outposts are legal. Writer Michael Handelzalts reflects on the meaning of this and urges an “un-occupation.” Haaretz

Finally, UWS Digital News “covers those who cover Occupy,” but then, apparently so does newsbusters.org (they are different, very different from adbusters.org) With the endlessly positive coverage flowing from Occupy mouthpieces like NY Times, newsbusters adds sanity to the proceedings, carefully documenting instances of occupy bias among the corporate-owned, 1 percent backed “mainstream media.”

As such, NY Times takes it on the chin for mentioning the Radio Raheem – backed Occupy summer camp, a human interest story no doubt, but one that features, as the original article mentions, only three campers.

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