July 20-21 : NYPD Scores Big Win Over Rev Guard, Are Occupations the New Haight?

To prosecute cases vs. occupiers, DA's need evidence, and there's a trove of it on America's burgeoning social networks. They're the essential pathways that convey information and logistics. Recent decisions have affirmed the court's right to gain access to an occupier's twitter accounts.

Twitter announces it will use its resources to continue the fight to protect the privacy of user tweets. The real game afoot is the court sees the tweets as being public and therefore not private, protected info. Shifting the onus for defending users onto the company means it won't be able to do it each and every time. The court denied the original tweeter, Malcolm Harris, the legal standing to challenge the request of info from twitter. Allthingsd.com

Speaking of victories, naysayers at NPR may now commence eating crow, courtesy of the NYPD, who have used the negativism as true locker room post material and turned in their greatest performance yet.

Co-ordination between the NYPD and homeland security is paying far greater dividends than anyone could have imagined. This space has celebrated previous NYPD successes such as the busting of the notorious Occupy Knitting Grandmother Ring, the disruption of the societal threat posed by free Bike Stand in Brooklyn, and protecting the city from the dubiously-titled Guitarmy, the project of sometimes rocker and full-time fomentor Tom Morello (whose propensity for disruption is widely known)

You may think, with such a recent string of successes, that NYPD would be content to sit and become complacent. You would be wrong.

Never one to brag of their own success, news today that NYPD has triumphed over one of the world's most dangerous and elusive squads, Iran's very own, legendary Revolutionary Guard.

Doubly surprising is that the Guard planned to launch the attacks not only from US soil, demonstrating a mobility that no doubt took the team by surprise, still adjustments and careful co-ordination with the DHS playbook assured victory.

It's clear now that media focus on the department's miscues earlier this season, such as Stop and Frisk and surveilling Rutgers students obscured the true potential of this squad. Doubters who had chalked up their otherwise strong record to early season victories over over-matched squads like the Occupy's Knitting Grandmothers, and Brooklyn Bike Stand, forgot the team's ability to respond to adversity.

(Overlooked as well, a history of big wins over Guitarmy and of course, the resounding victory over the People's Library (whose “catalog and reference” strategy was severely exposed) at Zuccotti Park sent a loud message that this team would take all comers.)

In light of yesterday's victory over Iran Revolutionary Guard – the favorites of early pre-season prognosticators who predicted an Occupy rebound, or a Muslim Student resurgence must now be reconsidered. This squad means business, with addition of the DHS coaching staff and game plan, and hot on the heels of this latest success, the cynics must now acknowledge what this squad has known all along – that there is truly no limit to their potential. reuters

Our new power rankings (adjusted as always to reflect strength of schedule) now look like this :

  1. NYPD (ability to play globally makes them team to beat)

  2. Brookfield Security (doubters silenced by recent camera slap on live stream)

  3. DHS (can never be counted out)

  4. Knitting Grannies (is recent NYPD victory an aberration?)

  5. Live streamers (recent set backs hurt standing, still, Poole is tough to stop)

  6. Brooklyn Dodgers (not the squad's first rodeo)

  7. Wall Street (recent LIBOR/ JP Morgan Chase set backs drop them to 7th)

  8. Bike Stand (can they regroup?)

  9. Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (scary logo may not translate to on-field play)

LA Mayor and former aspiring lawyer Antonio Villaraigosa re-opens the city's revived Los Angeles City Hall Park Center as Home Depot, Scott's Miracle-Gro and others donate flowers and plants as part of a million dollar make-over. The park had been closed after police raided it on November 30. Villaraigosa had originally encouraged the protest but took action after it grew unwieldy. Readers curious about the science (and potential health risks) of miracle gro may look here.

File under : isn't that how the Manson Family started ? Physical occupations walk a fine line these days between liberation and nuisance, which doesn't do much for the brand.

While protecting residents jeopardized by foreclosure and mortgage schemes seems worthwhile, some recent occupations more evoke the seeedier, post-summer of love days in the Haight, as community spirit and political resistance gives way to more dissipated communities. Beatle George Harrison finds this out the hard way in 1967, using the experience as the catalyst to move toward a life-long embrace of Eastern philosophy and inner discovery. (video above)

As such the residents of a Northwest DC neighborhood share concerns that the squatters who set up in a house nearby don't represent Occupy, they're just squatters who bring down the neighborhood, underscoring the movement's need to keep it's feet grounded in the needs and issues of the 99%, not a generational field trip.

Anthony Sluder age 47, who was an original occupier, and holder of the lease for the property, said he originally invited occupiers in but was unprepared for the “mayhem” that followed.“Friends told friends who told friends, and they were in the attic and the basement and the kitchen, anywhere they could lay down,” Sluder said. “They didn’t respect it as somebody’s home.” Washington Post

It's the same story overseas where the Occupy camp in front of the European Central Bank, said to be unsanitary, must vacate by July 31 or face consequences. bloomberg

By contrast, a successful “occupation” of a different sort is conducted in Murfreesboro county Tennessee, where Muslim-Americans win the right to stay in their occupied mosque, as the feds overrule a county judge who had prevented the mosque from opening.

In essence the federal ruling states there cannot be a “separate standard” for construction of Muslim religious facilities.

"I think it [is] a very good day and thank God" says Mosque Chairman Essam Fathy; "it surprised all of us...an unexpected joy!" examiner.com

Occupations are anything less than routine and should be considered carefully. So should hunger strikes.

Cameron Whitten is doing both. The 20 year old student and former Portland Mayoral candidate enters the 50th day of a hunger strike that doctors urge him to stop as he becomes dangerously thin, losing over 30 lbs.

What will it take to get Whitten to stop? According to the article his demands include “a 1-year moratorium on housing foreclosures, to add a housing levy measure to the November ballot and to create a peaceful resolution to ongoing homelessness issues.” Outstanding series of photos showing now at Oregonlive

JA Myerson clocks in and takes on media's attempts, including the nominally “pro-occupy” huffpost, to link Occupy to violence. The latest case involves an alleged shooting of a handcuffed man near Occupy Oakland by SFPD, which it turns out, is more about police brutality. Truthout.org

Elsewhere in the legal grind, charges against Occupy Oakland's Robert Ovetz are dropped. Ovetz had originally been charged with assaulting a police officer, a felony, and obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor. blog.sfgate.com

Finally, domainnamewire.com reports that “occupy is the new sucks.” Meaning domain name purchasers looking to “occupy” various online brands or locations are free from claims of copyright infringement. It seems some newspapers have tried to prevent the registration of Occupychicagotribune or occupiedchicagotribune.com

According to a domain name “panelist”: “Given the circumstances of this case and in particular the heavy and nearly universal coverage of the Occupy Movement within the national and local media, the Panel holds that the Occupy Movement is so well known within the relevant area (both parties being from Chicago, Illinois, in the United States) that the Domain Names are not confusingly similar to Complainant’s mark. The Panel agrees with Respondent’s assertion that no reasonable person in the Chicago area would confuse the Domain Names with Complainant or Complainant’s publication.

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