July 25, 2012 : NYPD Slammed by Law Schools, Questions to Ponder..

Numerous security restrictions were in place to guarantee the Prez a smooth ride up to the Fox Theater but he is still met by a few Occupy Oakland and hundreds of cannabis research protesters who turn out to voice discontent at his policies in Afghanistan and domestically. 3 are arrested. Mercurynews.com

Matthai Kuruvila and Demian Bulwa use the occasion of the Prez' visit to get into the streets and inquire about the limited Occupy Oakland presence. Some Oakland Occupiers note fragmentation is inevitable in light of the beat back faced by Occupies nation-wide, as police and municipalities moved to stomp out the public presence.

It's a good thing people are focused less on spectacles and doing more community organizing work," said Steven Angell, 23, an Occupy Oakland activist since January. "Those are much more important, particularly for Oakland." sfgate.com

Speaking of the Occupy beat back, comprehensive allegations of police brutality come from four university law clinics who issue a report on the matter. The report, is, shall we say, a less than ringing endorsement of the tactics used by Bloomy's self-dubbed Private Army, namely NYPD.

In short, an investigation by law clinics at NYU, Fordham, Harvard, and Stanford finds that NYPD “abused Occupy Wall Street protesters and violated their rights on numerous occasions” during the 2011 protests that radiated out from Zuccotti Park.

According to Conor Friedersdorf, “scores of examples of police misconduct are offered,” described in terms of “violations of international law.”Atlantic.com

Establishment media is beguiled not only by Occupy but also by the changing society it purports to cover. Above all, media coverage is event driven. The more sensationalistic, the better. So neighbors getting together, acting on local issues, well this is not news. It's a topic amply covered elsewhere by Schechter, among many others.

However, in light of the report mentioned above, establishment media may in time be led to ponder other questions, equally significant : how strong is a society which resorts to such tactics to defend itself? Or maybe : how strong is an electric grid that can be knocked out by solar flares and increasingly violent storms? Just saying.

Internally Occupy has their own questions to ponder : are we the 99%? Or an elite cadre of left-wing organizers taking on the man? It's up in the air in New Hampshire, where there appears to be a split between the progressives and libertarians who, both must admit, find themselves among the 99%. Occupy NH is realizing that We Are the 99% sounds good when shouted, less so when your fellow occupiers show up to rallies with guns and radically different ideas. Reason.com

File Under : Whodda thunk? Brooklyn's Tax Dodgers are prominent at OWS rallies, going out of their way to ensure that the needs of the 1%, such as off-shore tax havens, sweetheart deals, and lucrative arrangements, are met. “Lucrative arrangements” such as profiting from heading the nation's top corporations where a significant portion of the 99% toil at minimum wage.When hollered at by dissenting passerby, the Tax Dodgers holler right back, shouting things like “Get a Job...In China!”

Today news that the group's team spirit and commitment have landed them in – no, not jail – Cooperstown! Where they join Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and the Say Hey Kid (but not Roger, McGwire or Sosa) in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Believe it or not, the group's uniforms are included in a recent exhibit on the prominence of baseball in American life, according to Tom Shieber, senior curator at the museum. NY Times

The over / under on how long it takes the Beck-backed blogosphere to go ballistic is currently set at end of today. Those wishing to lay odds should contact this space directly.

Tax Dodgers March for the 1% at May Day Rally, NYC
photo : uws digital news

The honor prompts astute observers (or just plain cynics) to acknowledge “Mitt Romney Makes the Hall of Fame, Sort Of” New Yorker

It was Anatole France who observed “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."

Some left coast Occupies adopt a new strategy to fight bans on sleeping in public spaces. A so-called “flash-nap” takes place on the Santa Rosa City hall lawn to protest a city ordinance which they say unfairly penalizes the homeless. This gentler, quieter version of the flash mob is said to appeal much more to those who have ever been caught up in one.

Others organize to fight for the right to demonstrate on city premises, such as Occupy Sacramento, scheduled to gather in protest of the city's ban on non-permitted demonstrations today. Sacramentopress.com

Finally, File Under : Ok, we'll explain it slowly this time Fall-out from the ArtWalk dust-up between protesters – not all of whom were occupy by the way – and LAPD, who brandished weapons and inflicted injuries during the melee continues with several downtown business owners voicing gripes about the now tallied loss of revenues caused by the conflict.

Restaurant owner Emma Chavez says she lost thousands on what should have been a lucrative night and credits cops for “keeping order.” “We’re a mom and pop restaurant. We need this night,” she says. “I still don’t understand what they were protesting.” ladowntownnews.com

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