July 30, 2012 : Anaheim Roils, What Year is this Anyway?

Anaheim is roiling. SWAT teams and cops. They look like National Guardsmen. The photos horrify and appear to be taken in Iraq or some other conflict zone, not down the street from Disneyland. Is this America? With the militarization of police forces across the United States it can be hard to tell. OC Weekly , huffpost (photos) It must be America if you can safely picket Disneyland, but the cops shut that down too, stopping demonstrators a half mile away from fantasy land. LA Times

Another shooting, another incident with a plethora of unanswered questions. First Manuel Diaz, 25, shot, unarmed, fleeing the police. Who shoots an unarmed man? The very next night, a second man shot and killed by Anaheim PD, Joel Acevedo, 21, who authorities say fired on officers first. Is it possible to shoot a fleeing man in the leg? Do they even try?

A third shooting victim from earlier this year describes what it's like to run from, and be shot by, the Anaheim police.

Echoes of the late 60s, the early 1990s, when the Rodney King incident caused a community to erupt...Occupy Anaheim joins the demonstrations, as opposed to leading them. Events overtake the community as residents take to the streets to express frustration and rage, and some do it peacefully, silently even. Anaheim Peaceful as Protests of Police Continue WSJ Online A crowd gathers in front of the Anaheim police station, demanding answers. The chants include “The whole system is guilty" and "Am I next?" - protesters link arms, point to their heads and say “these are our weapons.”

Friday's incident marks the city's seventh officer-involved shooting this year, five of which have been fatal. The city had four officer-involved shootings in 2011.

The Anaheim Mayor asks both the FBI and the US Attorney's office to investigate the shootings. The Orange County's DA office is also involved. When municipalties investgiate themselves, however, the results typically do not satisfy the cops' victims. LA Times

Everyone gets in on the action. Spooksters Anonymous call on the citizenry to “rise up in unison” leading authorities to decry outside interference, which is, after all, their middle name. LA Times

Diaz' grief-stricken mother emerges, as a voice crying in the night, literally, though the protests make clear : she is not alone. "As long as there's no violence, I'm for every protest," says Genevieve Huizar. Nbclosangeles.com

Occupy's role is less clear : lead or follow? For now, Occupy Wall Street and everyone else jump in with support. Everywhere is Anaheim says OWS' site. They include video interviews with residents who are alleged witnesses to specific acts of police brutality and intimidation. occupywallst.org

And the plot thickens. Blogosphere/ Facebook reports that a police plant took part in both sides of the rallies in Anaheim, at one moment shouting pro-police slogans and later in the day screaming from the Occupy side. OC Weekly

My Jimmy wouldn't do a thing like that, Mrs. Delaney used to say about our own local trouble-maker. Oh yes ma-am, yes he would. He did! Same for OC cops, who have practiced posing as protesters when they were cracking down on a local immigrant rights project.

Occupy Denver , neighbors to Aurora, traumatized by its own disaster, offers profound support, announcing and building their solidarity march via the hashtag and documenting it every step of the way, including the arrests. Westword blogs

Finally, speaking of Aurora, the nation's aching heart. Michael Moore, whose 2002 Oscar-winner Bowling for Columbine explores in detail both the method and the madness of the Columbine massacre, and who grew up shooting guns and as a certified member of the NRA, now says he's had enough and lashes out at the Prez on Piers Morgan, urging him to take up the perpetually politically dicey issue of control of firearms sales in the United States. Christian Post

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