August 7, 2012 : Linda Ronstadt, Fuzzy Math, and Joe the Plumber

Ground-breaking news today as Mexico's Yo Soy 132 announces a cross-cultural alliance with OWS, The groups immediate focus is the notorious Carlos Slim, who they designate as representing the “one percent of the one percent” and whom Forbes recently named the world’s richest man. The alliance slams Slim for vaulting into the top spot on the backs of Mexico's poor, a notion seemingly confirmed by an OECD report that says Slim's Mexico telecom conglomerate overcharged customers $13.4 billion a year from 2005 to 2009, hurting the nation’s economy in the process.

It could be the first step in a true “internationalization” of Occupy. Cynics on Slim's side claim the global protesters dogging the bazillionaire in his gallivant across the planet are paid plants , earning $20-$30 to show up.

The new group kicks off with a joint 4 day protest today outside Saks fifth avenue reuters

Slim’s practices are like a virus—they continue to spread and multiply causing harm every where it goes,” according to OWS' Aaron Black

Tis the season for camping and roughing it, but for Occupy it's never been tougher. Occupy Frankfurt has been the site of several protests outside the Eurpean Central Bank, including one in which thousands tried to disrupt a financial elties meeting back in the Spring. Nevertheless, so long as there are humans and outdoor food consumption, there will be vermin. Calling the camp a “health hazard” the cops move in. Many leave before police get there, the rest are escorted out, with no physical confrontation. The group had previously been prasied as being a model of “calm anarchy.” NY Times

Germany's trademark Der Spiegel is nonplussed by the camp break-up, observing “the world revolution has failed to materialize. But Occupy is sure to play a role in the gradual evolution of society.”

Occupy still has to master the art of picking its targets. Before he took office for a second time, the man was a celeb in his own right, dating pop superstar Linda Ronstadt (above). As the free-wheeling bachelor governor of California in the seventies, he shunned the governor's mansion for an apartment and rode to work in a Plymouth Satellite, while his eventual successor still roamed Santa Monica and prowled Venice Beach, looking for regular acting work. So Gov Jerry Brown probably doesn't want to hear it from Occupy who, rightly, demonstrate against foreclosures, asking him to declare an immediate moratorium. Brown has tried to raise fiscal revenues, fighting upstream against Californians' innate repulsion to progressive taxation, while still hewing to the state's overall fiscal conservatism, ie, millionaires who don't want to pay higher rates.

So far, the protest turn-out is less than anticipated, much like the state's depleted tax revenues, as wryly noted by LA Times

File Under : For that lady in LA who “doesn't know they're protesting,” this might be a good place to start Counterpart LA Daily News continues establishment media trends of documenting “the costs of Occupy,” estimated in LA to be close to $4M. Still no exact tally on the cost of the ongoing occupation of United States by the 1 percent, through their various tax loopholes and sweetheart set-ups. As usual, any such estimates sent to this space are most welcome.

US News goes right to the point “ would be hard to fault [Candidate Mitt] Romney for abiding by a tax code that simply tends to favor wealthy investors like him. Still, a typical worker earning $50,000 faces a maximum tax rate of 25 percent, so Romney's tax rate could have been a fraction of what most middle-class earners pay.”

Speaking of tax records and controversies, readers wondering what Joe the Plumber is up to, beyond punditry and running for congress against Democrat Marcy Kaptur – the redistricted heir apparent to Dennis Kucinich – look no further

Readers of this space may recall the fiesty Republican plant (?) tried to upstage Candidate Obama in swing state Ohio, spewing some nonsense about how he stood to lose under the Obama tax plan, since he would be making “$250,000 a year.” While fuzzy math adherents may have been fooled, grade schoolers capable of basic arithmetic were unlikely to be thrown off by such dubious claims. At the time, then candidate Obama mistakenly interpreted Joe's “company revenue” as his actual income, saying his tax rate would go from 36 to 39 percent. However, there was no way the company – if he had bought it - would throw off that much salary to Joe, who likely would have done bettter working for a bigger firm under a collective bargaining package. Of course there's much more money to be made shilling against collective bargaining. Washington Post

In a similar light - and expectation that Americans can't count - Candidate Romney disputes that short-term low and middle earners will pay more under his tax plan. His planned tax hike on working stiffs, the campaign says, would be negated by the all important “growth forecast,” aka, what happens when those showered with tax breaks have more money than they know what to do with and shelter or invest it in companies who are “large and profitable” and employ most minimum wage earners.

Finally, our international yachting coverage update sees the Australians on top with gold in the 49er class while Tom Slingsby won Australia’s first ever gold in the single-handed Laser class.

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