August 8 2012 : Occupy , Fat Man, Little Boy, and the F Bomb

The “Two Countries, One Voice” concept and protest is on full display this week outside of Saks Fifth Avenue, where demonstrators protest the ownership stake of the Mexican Telecom giant, one Carlos Slim. New yorker

Those wishing to stay on top of the protest directed at “the one percent of the one percent” are referred to the new cross-cultural group's facebook.

Jeff Rosenblum stakes out slightly different ground, speaking from inside the advertising industry as a modern-day “mad man” who says the protest needs to move from Fifth to Madison and that – get this – the advertising industry is willing to help.


Rosenblum says corporations are eager to change their behavior from "unethical to ethical" as the modern communications world – and the advertisers who help corporate America navigate/leverage it - prevents consumers from believing advertisers' bullsh-t any more. So cigarettes are not healthy after all. Fast Company


File Under : Wow, that' awesome The F bomb is set to become a staple of public discourse. It shows up these days mostly around discussions related to the US Economy. So Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Fund makes headlines with his response to whether the US Economy is “totally f—kd.” Barofsky  - while making the media rounds for his latest book Bailout – says it's not quite that bad, as he downgrades our long term outlook to a mere “pretty f—kd.”

Other "public servants" make similar leaps, including none other than Fed Head Tim Geitner, who apparently got there first, naming himself the “most transparent head of the Federal Reserve in the history of the f—king country.” Right on!

Geitner's choice of language is considerably less forceful when gathering with Lords Blankfein and Dimon, where he employs more indirect language, such as “pretty please” and “thank you sir, may I have another.” huffpost

Money spent on nukes is irradiating social programs for the 99 percent,” warn Occupy Nukes. It's 67 years since Fat Man and Little Boy did their dirty work, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an awesome display of super-power mass killings of civilians. At the time, the reason for the mass bombing was to force the surrender of the Japanese people, a theory since challenged by historians such as the late Howard Zinn, himself a World War Two bombardier (video, above).

In commemoration, Occupy Nukes, consisting of 50 protesters from multiple Occupies, stages a protest outside the Los Alamos Laboratory, where secret weapons experiments are conducted to this day. 6 are arrested. At the same time, 20 miles West of Seattle, members of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Direct Action symbolically shut down U.S. Naval base Kitsap-Bangor in the Puget Sound, the group including anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

Those submarines could wipe out an entire continent,” said Leonard Eiger with the Ground Zero Center. “They don’t discriminate between civilian and military targets, a violation of international law.”

Other :

Some attack the notion that OWS has changed anything at all, breaking down how effective bank transfers to smaller locally-base credit unions have been. The results are, so far, mixed, according to Rick Smith of the Motley Fool who analyzes where the Big Bank earnings are at these days.

Smith observes the numbers, not the human side. Some express an altogether different view, particularly in communities where Occupy Homes has been active, expressing editorial support

Along the same line, the Register of Wills for New Castle County says it's time to thank Occupy Delaware for their work in the community and their focus on renewing a government by and for the people.

Ciro Poppiti III says he could view the group from his office at their now vacant spot in Spencer Plaza plaza and that their presence has served as a reminder that he has “an obligation to act with integrity and honesty, rather than gaming the system to my own benefit and to the benefit of those who can help me politically.”

Blogger Chris Weigant dives in with a thoughtful Occupy vs.Tea Party analysis, contrasting the paths taken and comparing the results achieved. huffpost

File Under: Can't you just like, jump around like an idiot at the Mavs' games and leave it at that? Occupy has a long list of bogey-men and haters they deal with on a regular basis. There's the over the top cops that make up Bloomy's “private army,” non-stop DHS and local surveillance, District Attorneys, endless court cases, high summer temps, the establishment media, rodents - you name it. So-called conservative Blogger Andrew Briebart used to be one too.

Prior to his death, Briebart put together Occupy Unmasked a film that purports to expose the “sinister, organized, and highly orchestrated nature of [Occupy's] leaders and their number one goal: Not just to change government, but to destroy it.” (It will never cease to amaze how a few kids and concerned citizens in the streets means the end of the world.)

For awhile, the project was dead in the water but NBA owner Mark Cuban to the rescue. Cuban's company Magnet intends to pick up the slack, and release the “controversial” film, according to Cuban, just in time for the November elections.

Cuban says the movie has nothing whatsoever to do with his own views of Occupy, since, as Forbes' 459th wealthiest man on the planet,“I don't have any political beliefs." Dallas Observer

Finally, today's Olympic yacht coverage turns to the RS-X, where Dutchman Dorian Van Rijsselberge wins gold in a dominating fashion. Spain's Marina Alabau takes the top spot on the podium in Women's RS-X, cruising to a 27-second win in the final race. The racing ends on a somewhat bittersweet note however, as Olympics Rio 2016 is said to move on from wind to kite surfing. However, medalists and other participants will mount a legal challenge to block such plans.

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