August 31, 2012 : Acknowledging Reporting of Note from RNC

RNC wraps with speeches long on sentiment and short on policy details. An empty chair, fittingly, pre-occupies (no pun intended) the establishment media, who offer commentary from their ringside seats.

The majority of Americans oppose RNC policies by wide margins. It's the voice of the democratic majority. As such, RNC mouths platitudes about being able to dream again. What they mean, specifically, is to not let the Bush tax cuts expire, which an overwhelming majority of Americans want.


The candidate, duly crowned by his peers, says he will get America working again. But the kind of jobs that Citizen Romney and Bain Capital create in their most successful companies may not be what most US workers have in mind – unless they dream of being retail slaves. Lansing state journal

Remarks about “increasing take home pay” obscure an obvious mathematical calculation– that getting a tax break on retail wages of $9.94/hr doesn't help when school loans and rent kick in. Especially as formerly public services go private, and the price of everything goes up.

The talk at RNC is also meant for another audience : the one percent. Who - vastly out-numbered – need a candidate that can sell their policies to the broad electorate.

The real action takes place behind the scenes, where few reporters dare to go, except for the notables mentioned here:

Credit CNN's Piers Morgan – who gets props for finally taking a sip of his beer – and then nearly dragging his production set with him. And  for interviewing investigative writer Craig Unger, who reports on the millionaire and billionaire kowtowing of RNC, mostly unmentioned in media accounts.

Just how far behind the scenes one wishes to delve is a matter of personal preference. For muckraker Greg Palast, it's a vocation. Palast features a quote from civil rights attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. , who says that RNC kick-off speaker Tim Griffin “should be in jail.” The allegation stems from Griffin's involvement in the US Attorneys firings that took place in 2006, while initiating “vote caging” practices in Jacksonville, FL to impact the vote favorably in 2004 for then incumbent Prez George W Bush

What they did was absolutely illegal—and they knew it and they did it anyway," Kennedy tells Palast bluearkansasblog

While Griffin ends up RNC's kick-off speaker – after being elected to Congress with $167, 183 of Koch brothers money – his assistant Matt Rhoades graduates to running Citizen Romney's campaign, a fact kept away from prying eyes. His expertise will be essential in keeping the race tight, right down to the wire nationofchange

Meanwhile, establishment media provide insight the candidate, his mannerisms, the style of dress, etc. huffpost

Unger riles kingmaker and bsh-t artist extraordinaire Karl Rove, who entertains the media while reveling in their “perilous economic state,” with Rove saying 'I’m watching with glee' as (the media) self-destruct.

Rove calls Unger's recent book Boss Rove “an entertaining work of fiction.” Vanity Fair


Morgan faces Unger up with anachronistic-looking and self-described “anarcho-capitalist” Penn Jilliette who challenges the premise that billionaires may buy the White House.

Even so, it's an assessment backed up by the ever-reliable Bill Moyers who sums US political conventions :

We might wish the uproar from the convention halls of both parties these busy weeks were the wholesome clamor of delegates deliberating serious visions of how we should be governed for the next four years. It rises instead from scripted TV spectacles — grown-ups doing somersaults of make-believe — that will once again distract the public’s attention from the death rattle of American democracy brought on by an overdose of campaign cash” truth-out

Elsewhere, one of the last remaining encampments in the United States, Occupy Birmingham, is dismantled after the city gives an order for cops to move in. The occupiers take it in stride, recognizing they were living on borrowed time. “"We were shocked we were able to stay as long as we did and operate un-harassed." The group says it will continue on in spite of the removed encampment

Pundits revel in calling Occupy dead, however one of the loudest voices in the blogosphere, recently deceased conservative guru Andrew Briebart , maintains his fixation – obsession? - with the group - still  seeing it - from beyond the grave - as an enormous threat.

As such, Briebart's movie “Occupy Unmasked” is shown to RNC delegates, under heavy security. In addition to accusing Occupy of “raping, pillaging, and pooping,” the film says the group was formed by organized labor and liberal groups with the intent of re-electing the Prez.

Obama critic, Codepink co-founder, and Drones researcher Medea Benjamin is one protester who makes it in and terms the film “stupid.” Still, she, like Briebart, believes Occupies are here to stay. US

Finally, hard nosed journalist Arun Gupta attends the film in his “best right-wing drag.” While we can't say we condone the tactic – he claims the misrepresentation was essential to gain access to the interviews - he neatly uncovers what lies beneath the plastic smiles and optimism inside the tent, even bagging a brief, Stuttering John-like moment with Rep. Michelle Bachman (photo, below). Gupta's 90 second synopsis of the environment at RNC is in video, above.

photo by Arun Gupta

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