September 17, 2012 : Occupy Celebrates, Cites Both Parties for Driving Under the Influence

Occupiers from around the nation return to the scene of the crime – dissent - flocking back to Zuccotti for the first anniversary of Occupy, aka S17. Demonstrators briefly take the Park back, with hundreds streaming in prior to the day's beginning dailykos

Establishment media, eager to return to the safety of their collective climate-controlled comfort zones, shift analysis into high gear, penning the requisite Occupy obits before returning to ratings-driven US Presidential Campaigns.

The new line is that Occupy “succeeded” by creating awareness of the US' enormous and growing income inequalities – while remaining tactically soft. In essence: thanks kids, we'll take it from here.

It puts Occupiers in a typical catch-22 – spend too much time in the streets and you're favoring spectacle over substance. Return to the neighborhoods and you're no longer relevant. Reporting on actions and meetings away from Lower Manhattan holds little allure for most of the establishment, what with the built-in-Presidential race-audiences to fight over.

Occupy may breathe a little easier out of the spotlight's glare, which will either help its organizational challenges, or else further fragment and consign the group to traditional American social issue or advocacy roles cnn

Occupy is joined by, among others, former rocker turned activist Tom Morello, Green Presidential candidate Jill Stein, and as Monday morning arrives, hundreds of protesters chanting the ubiquitous “whose streets, our streets.”

The ever vigilant and aggressive NYPD crack down, arresting as many as 50 according to tweets provided by the National Lawyers Guild reuters

For S17, Occupy embraces a more sophisticated strategy, moving in smaller groups and consistently away from police – which makes it hard to provide initial overall estimates. Any fireworks will come later, when the group congregates in larger numbers for its birthday celebration in Zuccotti.

The OWS game plan for the day, complete with tactical advice for dealing with police – and jail - is at

File Under : the more things change...Morello mentions his previous work for former Senator Allan Cranston, who he describes as “well left of Obama.” Cranston was ultimately implicated in a previous precipitant to national financial crisis - the Savings and Loan scandal - as one of the “Keating Five,” a group of Senators who acted on behalf of Lincoln Savings and Loan head Charles Keating. The over-leveraged Keating was seeking relief from heat brought by federal banking investigators. To gain the favor, he donated $850,000 to voter registration groups affiliated with Cranston, among others.

The betrayal by Cranston – eventually cited by a Senate ethics committee along with 4 other US Senators - was partly responsible for Morello's “rage against the machine.”

"80 per cent of the time I spent with the Senator, he was on the phone asking rich people for money. It just made me understand that the whole business was dirty" says Morello

In a further twist, it turns out Veep Pick is actually a Rage fan boy – with the caveat that he doesn't care for the group's lyrics, just the riffs. Morello declares it a non-honor, saying Citizen Romney's running mate holds views “antithetical to the Rage message.”

Veteran live streamer and reporter Tim Pool is back in the field, live broadcasting the entire affair, beginning in the early morning hours. Cops on Pool's stream are observed pushing protesters through the streets.(live stream, above)
Streaming live video by Ustream

Pool hangs back and provides narrative – and occasional commentary - on the proceedings as he makes his way across the avenues and through the back streets of Lower Manhattan. His live stream features an “instant mapping” that allows viewers – and police – to know where he is at all times. One officer refers to him by name.

Pool interviews investigative reporter Greg Palast. Palast has made a name for himself with a reporting tenacity that borders on the obsessive - something unseen in establishment media for decades. In town for S17, the dogged Palast reports from outside a Wall Street location – where Citizen Romney meets with some of his big billionaire backers.

The roster includes Kenneth Langone, Paul Singer, John Paulson, and Wilbur Ross – the latter of West Virginia SAGO mine fame, as Palast reminds us, where Ross allegedly knew of literally hundreds of reported safety violations that eventually were responsible for the deaths of 12 miners buried in a 2005 collapse.

Langone is the founder of Choicepoint, the Atlanta firm that absorbed Database Technologies Inc. – implicated in the voter suppression scandal surrounding the 2000 Presidential Election.

Singer and Paulson, dubbed “the Vulture” and the “Snake” by Palast, earned their monikers – and personal fortunes - by buying debt-distressed companies and suing for full payment, and shorting sh-tty sub prime mortgages, respectively. Hedge fund magnates both among the Lords of Finance.

Palast doesn't spare the Prez, either. He points in particular to Penny Pritzker, the Obama national campaign-finance chairwoman whose management of the ill-fated Superior Bank earned it a $460M government fine - and the ire of defrauded consumers – for its “predatory and sub prime lending practices.”

Still, Palast says Citizen Romney holds a wide lead among billionaire backers as the campaign heads toward the home stretch timcast

Hard-nosed Allison Kilkenny also takes to the streets to provide reporting. Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman taps her for updated reports, as well as hosting a panel that includes Beck-designated Occupy baddie and educator Frances Fox Piven, Strike Debt organizer Suzanne Collado, and Nathan Schneider of wagingnonviolence.

File Under : It's not the same as holding up traffic but can they get arrested for that? Goodman and her crew make the rounds near Zuccotti, interviewing different participants, including an IBEW member who chides the Prez for failing to come out in support of the Chicago teachers. Bob Broadhurst says it's part of a larger picture that includes “waging a class war on unions....and they're dismantling our public sector”

At noon, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein joins the occupiers –and provides sound bites that won't make the evening news - citing both parties for “driving the nation over a cliff, under the influence of corporate money.”

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